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Tours to Lyon

Tours to Lyon

This French city, according to legend, was founded by Celtic Druids, obeying an oracle. Some mysticism accompanied Lyon throughout its history, in which there was a place for wars, and epidemics, and ups, and poverty. The modern capital of the Rhone-Alpes department is a large European metropolis with all the ensuing consequences. However, the participants of tours to Lyon note the invariable French hospitality and a large number of various monuments of medieval architecture. Unlimited shopping, wine and entertainment.

History with geography

The Rhone lowland, where Lyon is located, is surrounded by mountains, which creates a special microclimate for this region. The central massif and the Alps close Lyon from strong winds, and therefore the weather here, even at the height of winter, is pleasant and comfortable. This circumstance allows not only the participants of tours to Lyon to feel great, but also the vineyards scattered in a huge number on the slopes of the French Alps..
The history of the city was attended by the ancient Romans, Gauls, and other conquerors. It was the Romans who erected buildings here, some of which have survived to this day. For example, the amphitheater on the slope of the Fourvière hill will certainly become the subject of close study of the participants of tours to Lyon.

Light at the beginning of winter

December is the time of a special influx of tourist fraternity to Lyon. At the beginning of winter, a festival of light is held here, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Once it was she who saved the inhabitants of Lyons from the plague, and now every year in her honor millions of lamps and candles, lights and icon lamps light up throughout the city..
And the participants of the tours to Lyon are surprised to learn that they know many of its natives personally. For example, with the Lumiere brothers, who invented cinema, or with Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who told the world about the little prince.

Briefly about the important

  • Lyon International Airport receives many flights every day from Paris and other capitals of the Old World. There are no direct flights from Russia, but connecting at any airport in Europe will not take long.
  • The city center is the confluence of the two famous "Frenchwomen" Rhone and the Seine. This is where the old quarters of Lyon are located.
  • The climate in the city is continental, but the influence of the Mediterranean Sea is more than noticeable. It brings heavy rainfall, most of which falls in May and October. The warmest season here, of course, is summer, but the most comfortable weather for a tour to Lyon happens in March-April. In July-August, thermometers can break beyond +35.


  • Tours to Lyon
  • Tours to Lyon