Holidays in Germany in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Germany in July

Holidays in Germany in July

Holidays in Germany in July

Visitors are attracted by German decency, the gravity of ancient castles, cities with a long history, and correct landscapes. Holidays in Germany in July are good for many reasons, including rich excursion programs, a season of summer sales, an excellent pastime on the Baltic seaside.

Climatic conditions in Germany

German strictness and restraint is evident even in the country's climate. It is temperate, the northern regions are naturally under the influence of the sea, the central ones are a transition to the continental one. In July, the weather in Germany is changeable, there can be sharp cold snaps, so a tourist who goes here on vacation should take care of warm clothes. Most of August will be with a daytime temperature of + 23 ° C, a night temperature 10 ° C lower.

Summer sales

Tourists who choose to rest in the last month of summer have excellent chances to get to the famous German sales. With the end of the hot season, stores are eager to say goodbye to summer collections. This is actively used by the Germans themselves and, naturally, tourists arriving here in huge numbers..

Baden-Baden - a tourist's dream

Holidays in Germany can be combined with treatment or recovery at the famous thermal spas. Baden-Baden is one of the most popular resorts located near the Florintinerberg mountain, which is rich in thermal springs.Their temperatures range from +55 ° C to +68 ° C.

The first users of hot waters were the Romans, who also built baths here, the ruins of which have survived to this day. Wellness baths, which promote healing of many diseases, have been the main focus of treatment ever since..

But Baden-Baden has well-groomed parks and alleys, chic castles; Hohenbaden Castle occupies the first place in the list of popular places. Another shrine is the Faberge Museum, where for the first time in the world there was an exhibition dedicated to the most famous jeweler, Carl Faberge and his exclusive creations. For vacationers, many entertainment, musical projects are organized, so that Madrid or Parisian tourists are envious..

High tourist season

The second month of summer refers to the high season, so most of the events are designed for guests of the country. Museums work almost seven days a week, city tours are held almost around the clock. But there is simply no room for boredom..

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  • Holidays in Germany in July
  • Holidays in Germany in July