Coat of arms of Ghana: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Ghana

A small African state, which has recently taken an independent path, with the help of the main official symbols, is trying to prove to the whole world that its opinion must be taken into account. The coat of arms of Ghana, on the one hand, is a collection of symbols that play a very important role in world heraldry, on the other hand, it reflects local realities and traditions.

Description of the coat of arms

The color palette of the official symbol of this African state is bright, saturated, using the national colors of Ghana. Three primary colors stand out:

  • gold - birds, leopard, ribbon and small details;
  • green - grass base, cross on the shield, individual elements;
  • blue - shield field.

In addition to them, red, white (silver), black are used to draw small details of individual elements of the shield and windbreak..

The central place on the coat of arms of Ghana is occupied by a shield, the field of which is divided into four parts by a wide cross. In the center of the cross is a golden leopard, called a lion in heraldry..

In addition to the formidable animal, an important heraldic symbol, other elements are depicted on the shield that play a symbolic role, remind of the country's heroic past, demonstrate military strength, like okuyame, a golden ceremonial sword. Also, the shield symbolically represents the most important sectors of the economy of Ghana - gold mining (mine) and agriculture (cocoa).

The shield-holders of the country's coat of arms are golden golden eagles with orders in the form of a black star on ribbons painted in the colors of the national flag. The same palette is used for the windbreak above the shield. The composition is crowned with another black star with a gold edging, symbolizing the black continent..

Birds of prey lean on a gold ribbon on which Ghana's distinctive motto is written (in English). It can be translated as «Freedom and Justice».

Heraldry of the coat of arms of Ghana

The main symbol of the African state, first of all, demonstrates the desire to create a strong, independent state. A predatory animal in the center of the shield, formidable birds, shield holders, ceremonial swords testify to this..

The upbringing of self-awareness, pride in one's country is carried out through the broadcast of national flowers in wind-trees and order ribbons. The most popular heraldic colors are used - blue, green, red. The five-pointed star is painted black, which is associated with Africa and its inhabitants.