Ghana airports - list of Ghana international airports

Ghana Airports

The state of Ghana is located in the west of the African continent. The main articles of the economy are the export of gold, for the extraction of which the country is one of the ten most advanced on the planet. Business tourism is impossible without modern communications, and therefore Ghana's airports are deservedly popular with local trading and mining companies and their business partners..
There are no direct flights to Ghana from Russia, but compatriots can get to Accra via Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid or Brussels. Travel time will be about 8 hours excluding connections.

Ghana International Airports

Of the eight existing air ports of the country, only one has been awarded international status. The city where Kotoka Airport is located is the capital of the state, and the passenger terminals and the business part of Accra are only 10 km away. Transfer is possible by taxi, the prices for services of which are not high here, or by public transport.

Metropolitan direction

There are two terminals at the Kotoka airport, of which the first serves regional and domestic flights, and the second works with international airlines. Passengers awaiting departure at Terminal 2 can dine in cafes, shop at duty-free shops, visit business class lounges and currency exchange offices.
Ghana International Airlines tops the list of national carriers based at Kotoka Airport. In addition to them, there are Africa World Airlines, Eagle Atlantic Airlines and Starbow aircraft on the tarmac..
In the schedule of Ghana airport, you can see flights of famous world airlines:

  • British Airways, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Iberia, TAP Portugal, Vueling, KLM operate regular flights to European capitals.
  • Delta Air Lines Flies US Transatlantic Flights to New York.
  • Turkish Airlines, Middle East Airlines fly to Istanbul and the Middle East.
  • South African Airwais, Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Air Maroc connect Ghana airport with the South, Central and North African continent.

The airport board lists many flights to neighboring countries - Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and others. For details, passengers can find out on the official website -

Alternate airports

In the list of airports in Ghana, there are seven more air harbors that receive local flights. From the capital of Accra, you can reach the airport daily at Kumasi in southwestern Ghana, Navrongo in the north and Takoradi, located near the southernmost point of the country..
Sanyani Airport accepts medium sized aircraft and serves the southwest of Ghana. The plans to modernize the air port in Tamale in the northeast include the development of international destinations, in particular, charter flights with Saudi Arabia, where many Muslim residents of Ghana are striving to make the hajj..