Food in Ghana. Food prices in Ghana: food

Traditional Ghanaian Cuisine

Food in Ghana is characterized by the fact that in hotels and many restaurants you can eat not only traditional local, but also European cuisine. In addition, the cost of food in local establishments is quite low..

Food in Ghana

The diet of the Ghanaians consists of soups (vegetables, peanuts, palm nuts are added to them), seafood (shrimp, mussels, crabs), fish, vegetables and fruits, legumes, rice.

In Ghana, you should try kebabs; couscous; balls made from crushed yam and cassava (fufu); fish stewed in palm oil (fantefante); crushed cassava and avocado balls (akyeke); wild animal meat dish (akrantee); meat with rice (yolof); roasted turkey (“chofi”); fried snails (“green green”); mackerel and salmon fish soup in tomato sauce; roast black beans, dried fish, tomatoes and onions; crab and shrimp salad with eggs, tomatoes and onions (“burning photo”).

And the sweet tooth will be able to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables (bananas, coconuts, papaya), fried bananas seasoned with ginger, ginger, milk and sugar puree, various Arabian sweets.

Where to eat in Ghana? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants, in the menu of which you can find dishes of national, Chinese, French, Middle Eastern and other cuisines;
  • establishments where you can buy fast food.

For a variety of spices, natural products and exotic fruits, you should go to the Kaneshi Market (located in Accra). You will not leave this market without shopping, because the largest selection of food products is presented here (do not forget to bargain).

Drinks in Ghana

Popular Ghanaian drinks - tea, coffee, cocoa, fruit juices, non-alcoholic grain drink “askenki”, palm wine, millet beer “pitot”, corn beer “asana”, “akpeteshi” (a drink that is somewhere between gin and liquor).

Ghana food tour

In Ghana, you can visit cafes and restaurants, where you will be able to get acquainted with the national cuisine.

If desired, a trip to the settlement of the Dgomba tribe (this ancient people lives in round clay huts in northern Ghana) can be arranged for you. Here you will see a large hut of the leader, where the elders of the tribe meet, and also, get acquainted with the culture, life and customs of this people, which will certainly treat you with its national dishes..

Going on vacation to Ghana, you will see castles from the British and Portuguese eras, visit vibrant and colorful markets, go on a hike involving the Adaklu and Afajato mountains, go swimming, diving, mountaineering and taste local cuisine.

Photos of Ghana's national dishes