Streets of Athens - photo, name. List of famous streets in Athens

Streets of Athens

Streets of Athens

The Greek capital - Athens - is rightfully considered one of the largest centers of international tourism. This area is considered the heart of Hellenic culture and it is here that the largest number of historical monuments of Ancient Greece are concentrated. However, this is a far from complete list of what attracts tourists to the capital of Greece. The streets of Athens represent a very successful symbiosis of antiquity and modernity, and shopping and entertainment centers here coexist with cultural institutions. So this city fully deserves its glory.

Any good tour involves excursions to the outstanding places of Athens. However, every experienced tourist knows that it is best to explore everything on your own, because this is the only way to see what is hidden behind the gloss of the advertised routes. And for this you need to walk along the streets of the city.

Vasilissis Sophias Avenue

The central street of Athens and probably the most pompous and majestic. Most of the official institutions are located here, as well as consulates of other countries. In addition, the largest museums in Athens are located here. And although there is practically no entertainment here, beautiful sights completely neutralize this drawback..

Kifisias Avenue

This avenue is considered the longest in Athens. Its length is 20 km, so it will be rather difficult to walk from start to finish. Although, if you have free time and money, this ceases to be a problem, since there are cozy hotels along the entire length of the avenue, where you can relax and have fun..

Panepistimiou street

Also one of the central streets of Athens. There are not so many interesting things for a tourist, because Panepistimiou street is a busy transport artery, not a place for walking. However, there are also plenty of different interesting establishments here..

Ermou street

This street is considered a real paradise for shoppers. Shops of famous world brands are located here side by side with local shops, so you can easily pick up both things from famous collections and absolutely unique wardrobe items. So one has only to get here, and no one can resist the temptation to buy something for themselves. Moreover, the prices are relatively affordable.

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