India airports - list of India international airports

Airports of India

Airports of India

Air travel is a very popular way to travel around India among foreign tourists and also among middle-income locals. Indian trains are not fun for the faint of heart, and all those who value time and nerves prefer to get from one city to another by air. India's airports meet all modern safety requirements, and at least a dozen of the country's air harbors have been assigned international status..
Russian travelers can use the services «Aeroflot», the sides of which fly daily to Delhi. Doha, Mumbai and Cochin can be reached with Qatar Airways via Doha. Emirates Airlines flights with connections in Dubai are on the daily schedule of the airplane board at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai airports. Travel time with a direct flight will be a little over 6 hours, with a connecting flight - from 10 hours.

India International Airports

In addition to the capital in Delhi, several more air gates of the country have international status:

  • Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport is located 30 km north of the city. International flights are served by Terminal 2, from which you can get to the city by taxi, BEST buses and electric trains. Details on the website -
  • Tourists arriving at the resorts of Goa land in the village of Dabolim and can get to the neighboring town of Vasco da Gama by taxi or public transport.
  • In Kolkata, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport is located 17 km from the center. It receives flights from many Asian countries, and the city is connected to passenger terminals by taxis operating on a prepaid basis at the counters in the arrivals area and air-conditioned buses. Details of the schedule and infrastructure are available on the website -
  • The city of Trivandrum Airport is located 16 km from the famous beach resort of Kovalam in Kerala. Transfer from the hotel or taxi, which works on a prepaid basis, will help you to get to your chosen destination..

Metropolitan direction

India's airport in Delhi is named after Indira Gandhi. The city where the airport is located is called Palam. It is located 16 km from the center of the Indian capital and can be overcome in several ways:

  • The train from Palam station to the station in New Delhi spends less than half an hour on the road.
  • The most convenient type of transfer is the Delhi metro station, which is located in Terminal 3. Trains leave for the capital every 15 minutes.
  • Buses run to the city center every half hour.
  • Taxis are available at the exit from the arrivals area and operate on a prepaid basis at special counters. The price of the trip depends on the distance.

Passengers awaiting departure can visit cafes and restaurants, use the services of currency exchange offices, charge mobile phones and buy souvenirs at duty-free shops.
Indian airports often declare a strict security regime and the entrance to the terminal building is possible only for passengers who have an electronic ticket printout in their hands, and not earlier than 3 hours before departure.


  • Airports of India
  • Airports of India