Indian culture: traditions, features

Culture of india

Culture of india

Despite the vast territory of the country, religious and ethnic diversity and significant differences in geographical latitudes and climatic conditions, the culture of India serves as an indicator that the state has retained a single national identity for many centuries..

Homeland of religions

The main influence on the formation of the culture of India was exerted by the numerous religious movements that originated on its territory. Adherents of Hinduism and Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism have played a role in the emergence of many crafts, arts and even culinary traditions. Holidays celebrated in India are both national Republic Day and Independence Day, and their own in each state, depending on the prevailing number of residents professing a particular religion.

"Know spicy, please!"

Indian cuisine is one of the integral manifestations of its cultural traditions. The food here is varied, and the hostesses use a huge number of ingredients in the cooking process. A special place is occupied by milk, from which Hindus can come up with hundreds of different sauces and individual dishes. Sugar and desserts are a separate long story that every candy or cake is ready to tell.
The culture of India involves the use of numerous spices in cooking, many of which make dishes spicy and tangy. When ordering in an Indian restaurant, you should pay the waiter's attention to personal preferences and warn about the desired degree of spiciness of the dish..

Dance and cinema

Clothes in India are colorful saris, bright shawls made of natural cashmere and silk, a lot of jewelry in the form of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. All this splendor especially favorably emphasizes the beauty of an Indian woman while performing traditional dances. The art of national dance originated at least two millennia ago and, according to the Hindus, serves as an expression of the divine principle and beauty in man. The dances contain elements of ancient myths and legends, and each gesture has a special important role..
In modern Indian culture, cinema is no less important, the main themes of which are love and jealousy, the struggle for happiness, and the heroes are rich and poor, but striving to be happy regardless of castes and class prejudices. By the way, the theatrical traditions of India served as the forerunners of cinema. One of the oldest movements in the world is the Kudiyattam drama tradition of Kerala, which originated two thousand years ago..


  • Culture of india
  • Culture of india