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Indian traditions

Indian traditions

Absolutely exotic India is unusual in everything. There is a special cuisine and its own concepts of sanitation, amazing colors and extraordinary nature. Elephants and monkeys easily roam the streets of its cities, and the festive or wedding traditions of India conquer absolutely any guest with their brightness and fabulous atmosphere. When traveling to a distant country, it is best to have an idea of ​​the local customs so that relations with the locals develop positively and benevolently..

Castes and weddings

One of the ancient traditions of India is the division into castes. They are groups of people who have specific customs, lifestyles, rules of conduct, and even opportunities for housing and work. Wedding traditions are also closely related to caste, and it is still very problematic to marry a representative of another caste here..
The parents choose the bride and groom, they also agree on the dowry and other conditions for the ceremony. Usually the father of the bride pays for everything, and given that there are at least five hundred guests at the Indian wedding, the birth of a girl here is not profitable. Another tradition in India is related to this, which is more likely a law: a doctor has no right to tell future parents the sex of the child so that they would not be tempted to get rid of their unborn daughter..

Manage your emotions!

  • Hindus do not use handshakes as a greeting, and to say hello to the interlocutor, it is enough to say the traditional "Namaste!".
  • Do not try to touch your opponent in conversation, especially if you are talking with a woman.
  • Control your emotions and do not raise your voice, even if the interlocutor openly disappoints you. Indian traditions prescribe restraining anger and irritation, and therefore speaking in a raised voice will not speed up the achievement of the desired result..
  • Remember the "left hand rule", according to which it is considered unclean and cannot be used while eating or to transfer any object to another person.
  • Be sure to take off your shoes when entering the temple, and when talking, do not cross your legs so that the soles of your shoes are facing the other person. This is considered a sign of disrespect..
  • Before taking a picture of anyone, ask permission. However, this rule is more of a formality, because the inhabitants of India love the camera and always willingly pose for tourists..


  • Indian traditions
  • Indian traditions