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Education in India

Education in India

Educational institutions in India annually open their doors to foreign students from Europe, Russia, Canada, USA.

Education in India has the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to get a quality education, especially in such specialties as “jewelery” and “pharmacology”;
  • The ability to master and improve the English language;
  • Opportunity to master the most demanded specialties (information technology, design, hotel management, tourism);
  • The opportunity to get a second higher education for free.

Higher education in India

The quality of education in India is slightly lower than in China or Japan. But a significant disadvantage of teaching in these countries is that classes are taught in local languages, while the language of instruction in India is English..

Technical specialists are trained very carefully in Indian universities - they are invited to work with great pleasure by the largest US companies.

To get higher education in India, you can enter a university (there are about 220 universities in the country) through exchange programs and internships or on your own without passing entrance exams. For admission, you will need to pass a simple test that will determine the level of knowledge of a potential applicant.

Almost half of international students study at the Indian Institute of Management, as it is considered the most prestigious university.

Why do students from Europe go to India to study??

It's simple - this is facilitated by the low cost of education, accommodation and food in the country. In addition, students have the right to expect to receive scholarships (for this you need to fill out a special form). In the future, the issue of granting scholarships will be decided by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

There is a Virtual University in India, opened in partnership with both Indian and universities of other countries (the goal of cooperation is to implement virtual curricula and exchange free lectures).

International students can undertake an internship in India, provided that their work and career are directly related to the content of the courses offered.

To get an education in India means to acquire high-quality knowledge and get a chance to get a good and well-paid job..

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