What to take to India. What things and medicines to take with you to India

What to take to India

What to take to India

India has always attracted the interest of travelers from around the world. This country is famous for its traditions and attractions. Trying to avoid problems during their holidays, tourists first think about what to take to India..
It is better to make your luggage from the most essential things. You don't need to take anything extra with you. Otherwise, the journey will turn into dragging and dropping luggage. Let's list what is needed in India first of all:

  • passport with a visa, as well as its photocopy (in case of passport theft);
  • air tickets and their photocopies;
  • cash (it is better to take US dollars);
  • 3x4 photos (for permits, additional visas, SIM cards);
  • purse for storing money and documents.

To save your time, you can purchase a country guide. The guidebook published by Lonely Planet has good recommendations. It helps you plan the routes you need and use your money more economically.

What clothes are needed in India

If you are heading to the southern part of the country, then take some summer clothes. You can buy light clothing on site. Summer blouses and dresses are inexpensive there. Women should avoid overly revealing outfits - this is frowned upon in India. It is better to bring underwear in a suitcase, while outerwear can be purchased upon arrival. You will also need 2-3 pairs of comfortable shoes. If you are going on a trip during the rainy season, then bring an umbrella and raincoat. In India, you will also need sunglasses, a swimsuit and sheets. In many Indian hotels, sheets are rarely changed. When going to the mountains, bring a sleeping bag and comfortable sturdy shoes.

Necessary small things

  • candles and a flashlight - help out in moments of power outages, which happens often;
  • pocket knife and opener;
  • spoon, fork, mug;
  • lighter;
  • scissors, needles and thread;
  • wrist watch, alarm clock;
  • camera;
  • pen, notebook, phrasebook.

Foods to take with you

  • coffee, tea bags;
  • cigarettes;
  • chocolate;
  • sandwiches.

When traveling to India, please adhere to the following guidelines

  • do not visit unfamiliar places without a guide;
  • do not leave luggage unattended;
  • do not try food of unknown origin;
  • do not drink raw water.

By following these simple rules, you can prevent a lot of trouble. In this case, traveling to India will only give you pleasure..

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