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Diving in Indonesia

Diving in Indonesia

Diving in Indonesia, especially in the waters of Bali, is in no way inferior in beauty and complexity to diving sites located in other countries. The unique geography of the island offers simultaneous immersion in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. 

Nusa penida

The dive site is a coral reef that plummets to a depth. The local maximum is 45 meters. Visibility at depth is excellent and reaches 20 meters.

The reef is covered with coral gardens, and here you can find both soft flowers and graceful twigs of hard corals. Nusa Penida is a habitat for large fish species. Here you can also find graceful soaring rays, large sea turtles and even sharks. This dive site has quite strong currents that can be very cold..

Crystal bay

The dive site is ideal for beginners to dive. Visibility in the waters here reaches 30 meters with a maximum depth of 37 meters. It is recommended to use an insulated pad when diving as the water is very cold.

There are no currents inside the bay. The bottom is covered with coral gardens, which have been chosen by numerous schools of small fish. But deep in Crystal Bay is a high cave where hundreds of bats sleep during the day..
From marine life here you can see angel fish of simply huge sizes and the same eels. In addition to them, stingrays, tuna and surgeon fish live here..


The dive site is located in the northwest of the island of Nusa Penida. There are constant currents here and quite deep - up to 37 meters. But at the same time, the visibility is just excellent and reaches 40 meters..

Toyapakeh descends into a steep slope covered with blooming coral gardens. Tropical little thing literally filled the entire territory of the dive site. In addition to them, corals are also very popular with eels. The constant change of inhabitants due to constant currents makes this dive site very attractive..

Pura ped

This site is characterized by coastal dives because there may be strong currents in the sea. Pura Ped descends very deeply - up to 50 meters. The coral gardens of the site have chosen as their home a huge number of exotic fish: reef shark, sea snakes and eels, manta rays and barracuda.

Divers are attracted here not only by amazingly beautiful colorful reefs, but also by excellent night diving..

Manta point

Quiet dive site, but during ebb and flow, small eddies can form, making it difficult to enter the water. Manta Point is exclusively recommended for experienced divers.
From May to June, there is simply an invasion of manta rays, which come here to find a friend. It is especially interesting to watch how they feed. Stingrays, opening their mouths, swim against the current, capturing everything that gets there. These marine life are extremely curious, so they sometimes approach divers..


  • Diving in Indonesia
  • Diving in Indonesia