Eilat beaches: photo, video. Best sandy beaches in Eilat (Israel)

Eilat beaches

Eilat beaches

Many tourists come to Israel, guided by some kind of spiritual impulse or simply focusing on their religious beliefs. Of course, there is something to see here - Israel is full of historical, cultural and architectural monuments of various times. However, an interest in history is not the only thing that can bring a tourist to Israel. The beaches of Eilat can be as good a motivation to visit this country as the monuments of history..

It is noteworthy that booking tours to Israel is not too expensive, although there are as many to see there as in Turkey or the United Arab Emirates.

The greatness of the local nature

Eilat owes its popularity to its proximity to the Red Sea coast. Tourists especially like to admire the Northern Coral Reef, which is home to a huge variety of different inhabitants. These reefs stretch along the entire coastline and uniquely decorate the local landscape. Near the corals, you can see tiny multi-colored fish, which scared to rush under the gaze of curious tourists. The beautiful seabed and abundance of inhabitants make this place ideal for diving enthusiasts, but you can also just snorkel. The main thing is to remain a passive observer and not interfere with the life of nature, so as not to damage it. The point is not only in the preservation of nature, but also in the fact that any bright reef or other creature can turn out to be almost deadly poisonous for humans..

Variety of beaches in Eilat

The best sandy beaches of Eilat are accessible almost all year round. They are divided into northern and southern ones, however, this division is more conditional. The southernmost beach is called «Princess eilat», and this area is also often referred to as the coral beach. This name was given to her for a reason - the thickets of coral reefs are very impressive here, but the seabed for swimming is conveniently cleared.

The most popular beach is «Miglador». It is very cozy and has free sun loungers and armchairs. The bottom here is rocky, but because of this, the water here always remains the purest, even with a tangible wind. There is a very good bar on the beach, where vacationers can always take shelter from too much heat. In areas where coral reefs are located too close to the shore, it is advisable to wear shoes so as not to damage your feet.
Eilat's beaches start from the southernmost point of Israel. Taba border point with Egypt is located here, and the local beach is called «A princess». Tourists prefer not to rest here, but to choose places farther from the border..

The following beaches are also in great demand:

  1. «Club Med»;
  2. «The Village»;
  3. «Barbic»;
  4. «Palm»;
  5. «Dolphin Reef»;
  6. «Almog» and many others.

Photos of the beaches of Eilat

  • Eilat beaches
  • Eilat beaches
  • Eilat beaches
  • Eilat beaches
  • Eilat beaches