Israel's national drink. Alcohol in Israel: prices, export, alcohol export rate

Israel drinks

Israel drinks

The Promised Land is a place where every traveler finds the rest he has dreamed of. In Israel, you can sunbathe and go diving, gain strength and vitality in its churches and temples, touch the thousand-year-old ruins and stones that remember the world before the birth of Christ. The small country has a unique collection of tourist wonders, including the cuisine and drinks of Israel. Their recipes have been formed over the centuries and under the influence of a wide variety of cultures and civilizations..

Alcohol israel

At the harsh Israeli customs, you should not joke with pretty girls - they strictly observe the letter of the law. No more than a liter of strong alcoholic beverages and no more than two liters of those that belong to the category of wines or beer are subject to import. When exporting alcohol from Israel, questions usually do not arise, and therefore, as souvenirs, you can bring your friends several bottles of famous local wines.

Israel's national drink

For the Israelis, there is no single national drink - these people living on earth are so different, where nature changes dramatically every couple of tens of kilometers. Nevertheless, the guests of the country are recommended wine, which can claim the title of the national drink of Israel, if only because the history of its appearance is a real legend..
Latrun Monastery is located at a crossroads on the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It was founded by the monks of the Order of St. Benedict, who are called the silent. They lead a very ascetic lifestyle, get up in the dark and spend their day in work and prayer. In the vineyards at the monastery, berries ripen, from which the famous Latruna wine is made. Its white varieties go well with cheeses and smoked meats, and red is especially suitable for the right steak..
Winery Latruna was founded at the end of the 19th century, and all its products are produced according to ancient technologies by the monks themselves. Perhaps that is why Latrun wines are considered healing, and the Israelis prefer to stock up on them for a year in advance, coming to the silent people every autumn..

Alcoholic drinks of Israel

More than four hundred wineries in the country produce other excellent wines:

  • Muscat «King david» from white grapes and its red «namesake» especially liked by fans of sweet drinks.
  • Wine produced in the winery «Carmel», able to decorate a wedding table or impress guests celebrating an anniversary.

Alcoholic drinks in Israel are made with great love and from excellent quality raw materials, and therefore compete with the most famous world wine brands.


  • Israel drinks
  • Israel drinks