Airport in Turin: scheme, photo. How to get to the airport in Turin

Airport in Turin

Airport in Turin

The Italian airport serving the city of Turin is located about 15 kilometers north of the city center. The airport was commissioned in 1953, the last major renovation was carried out in 1989, on the eve of the Football World Cup. The airport has one terminal and one runway, its length is 3300 meters. More than 3.5 million passengers are served here annually.
It should be noted that the airport in Turin is located in relative proximity to the ski resorts of Italy, France and Switzerland. Therefore, there is an influx of passengers in the winter. 10 companies operate seasonal flights from Russia at once, mostly from Moscow.
The airport cooperates with many airlines, including Ryanair, Wizz air, Lufthansa, Air France and others. Alitalia, the largest air carrier in Italy, should be singled out separately, which uses the airport as one of its most important hubs..


The airport in Turin offers its guests all the services they need on the road. Here you can find cafes and restaurants that are ready to feed every hungry visitor with the most delicious and fresh food..
Also on the territory of the terminal there is a shopping area where you can buy various goods - food, souvenirs, gifts, drinks, etc..
For passengers with children, there is a mother and child room, and the airport also offers special play areas for children.
If necessary, passengers can always seek medical help at the first-aid post or buy the necessary medicines at the pharmacy..
The airport in Turin offers passengers traveling in business class a separate waiting room with an increased level of comfort.
Also on the territory of the terminal there are ATMs, bank branches, currency exchange, post office and other services..

How to get there

Transport links are available from the airport to the city and the nearest resorts. SADEM buses depart regularly from the terminal building and take passengers to the city center. The fare will be more than 6 euros.
You can also go to the capital of Piedmont by train, the railway station is located near the terminal. The ticket price will be almost 4 euros.
Alternatively, you can offer a rented car. Tenant companies operate on the territory of the terminal.

Photos of the airport in Turin

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  • Airport in Turin