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Christmas in Genoa

Christmas in Genoa

Celebrating Christmas in Genoa means getting to a city where the atmosphere of celebration and fun reigns! In addition, during the Christmas holidays, the capital of Liguria invites its guests to visit interesting excursions.

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Genoa

Preparation for the holiday consists in decorating houses and streets with LEDs and colorful garlands. On December 8, it is customary to install a Christmas tree. From the same day, presepios ("nativity scenes") - sculptural scenes that depict the birth of Jesus - appear in houses, churches and on the streets. To scare away evil spirits, Italians hang spruce wreaths decorated with red berries and red ribbons on their doors..

On the eve of Christmas (December 24), Italians attend Mass in the temples, and the Christmas dinner itself consists of fish dishes, for example, fried or baked eel, turkey, lentils, capon stuffed with apples, chestnuts, nuts and various herbs, and sweets (panettone, struffoli ), and the table is decorated with red and yellow candles in candlesticks. Tourists who decide to spend Christmas evening in one of the Genoese restaurants can head to Da Guglie, Mario Rivaro or Da Genio for this purpose..

Entertainment and celebrations in Genoa

Genoa invites its guests in December (18-21 numbers), shortly before Christmas, to take part in the celebration of the Festival of Circus Art and Street Theater (Circum navigando): at concert venues, main city streets, in the old port of Porto Antico and numerous theaters, they will be waiting for them colorful musical, circus and children's performances with the participation of fire eaters, magicians, acrobats, gymnasts, clowns. Within the framework of the festival, you can visit the Fiera del Libro book fair - at this sale you can buy books brought from different countries.

Those who wish can take part in a special excursion that involves viewing the Christmas nativity scenes (together with a guide, you will visit churches and city streets, where scenes of Christmas are presented).

Christmas markets in Genoa

Travelers interested in Christmas markets in Genoa should take a look at the fair, which opens in early December at the Fiera di Genova exhibition center. Here you will find pavilions selling souvenirs, gastronomic (meat and sausage products, cheeses, sweets, wine) and Christmas merchandise (Christmas tree decorations, figurines for Christmas scenes, etc.). And here you can also allow your children to trust local craftsmen - they will teach them how to create Christmas toys and decorations with their own hands..

Another Christmas market may deserve the attention of guests of Genoa - it opens from 8 to 23 December at Piazza Matteotti, where you can buy interesting souvenirs and handicrafts.


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  • Christmas in Genoa
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