Where to eat in Rimini - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Rimini?

Where to eat in Rimini?

Every traveler thinks about where to eat in Rimini, coming to rest in this Italian city. There are a lot of establishments in the city, where mainly national dishes are served, although finding Russian, Asian or American cuisine is not a problem here. Local establishments offer their guests to taste fish and seafood dishes, pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagne, piadina (classic flatbread of the Emilia-Romagna region) with various fillings, tiramisu.

Where to eat in Rimini inexpensively?

Your goal is to save money and have a bite of fries and a hamburger? Head for McDonalds fast food restaurant. You can eat inexpensively at La Posada pizzeria (delicious pizza), Ristorante Molo 22 (here you can try roast shrimp and squid, fish-filled ravioli, dumplings with caviar and salmon), Ristorante Quo Vadis (here they serve tortelloni with asparagus and salmon, grilled fish), Taverna degli Artisti (excellent seafood dishes).

Where to eat in Rimini delicious?

  • Guido: Literally on the water's edge, this restaurant offers delicious food as well as a romantic dinner. In addition to fish and seafood-based dishes, you can try traditional delicacies in the form of a rabbit or rack of lamb stewed in spicy spices..
  • Chiosco di Bacco: This restaurant offers a refined interior and excellent cuisine. The menu will delight meat-eaters - here they should order beef tartar, Florentine steaks, carpaccio made from meat, parmesan and balsamic vinegar, lamb fillet.
  • Frankie: The specialty of this fish restaurant, which specializes in international and classic Italian cuisine, is a platter of fish soup. Lovers of Italian cuisine will be able to order mussels, swordfish carpaccio, marinated sardines, shrimp cocktail, Parma ham, grilled shrimp and lobster.
  • Da Lele: This place serves meat and fish dishes with a minimum of additives and spices. So, for an appetizer, you will be offered to taste seafood, lightly marinated with pink pepper, and as the main course - mussels or shrimp, grilled with salt and lemon juice. As for the dessert, here it is worth trying not only tiramisu, but also Catalan cream.
  • La Fornarina: on the menu of this establishment you will find grilled meat, fish soup with croutons, pasta with seafood, berry desserts. And those who came here with little visitors will be delighted by the presence of a children's menu.

Food excursions in Rimini

Going on a gastronomic journey, you will visit a winery located 10 km from Rimini, where you will be offered to taste various types of wines, talk about their production and characteristics, and teach you how to choose the right drink for various dishes. At the wine tasting, you will also be offered to taste cheeses, bruschetta and piadina.

Rimini has lovely cafes, luxury and homey restaurants, noisy bars, chain restaurants.


  • Where to eat in Rimini?
  • Where to eat in Rimini?
  • Where to eat in Rimini?