Coat of arms of Rome: photo, meaning. Description of the coat of arms of Rome

Coat of arms of Rome

Coat of arms of Rome

Rome has always been the center of attraction for millions of travelers from different countries. Each of them had their own reasons to visit this city: admire ancient architecture or historical monuments, visit museums, feel the breath of history. The coat of arms of Rome, a vivid witness of past centuries and events, uses the main heraldic colors and symbols.

English presence and luxurious color

For their official symbol, the Italians chose a traditional shield, the so-called English form. It looks, on the one hand, extremely simple, on the other, behind this simple form there is a deep meaning, long traditions, truly English qualities - nobility, honor, dignity.

The choice of color for the official emblem of the city is symbolic - scarlet, one of the richest and most luxurious in the heraldic color palette. In addition, he is one of the three leaders in heraldry, while having the following meanings: fearlessness, courage, courage; warmth, fire, generosity and love. Often associated with blood given in the struggle for freedom, independence, in ancient Roman mythology it was associated with the god of war Mars.

Serious motto and pun

Through the entire shield of the capital's coat of arms, the letters "SPQR" are written diagonally in gold, they are the abbreviation of the motto of Rome. The literal translation sounds like "The Senate and the People of Rome", symbolically interpreted as the unity of state and popular power.

Italians, who have always stood out for their liveliness of character, a good sense of humor, have come up with thousands of transcripts of these letters, including both serious and very funny ones. The most popular are “the wise people love Rome” (patriotic), “calm dad - calm kingdom” (humorous).

Another - "St. Peter rests in Rome" has a religious connotation and reminds of one of the most important attractions of the Italian capital, the cathedral, consecrated in honor of this saint.

Roman wolf

This predatory animal is the main competitor to the official symbol of Rome, which looks more like the emblem of a football club. In addition, if you ask any tourist what the capital of Italy is associated with, the answer in most cases will be associated with the legendary she-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus, who became the founders of the great city..

The she-wolf is a symbolic reminder of the divine origin of Rome. She has her own special names, like "Capitoline wolf" or "mother of the Romans." And the image of the animal can be found both on old coins and on a variety of modern souvenirs..


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