Capital of Jamaica: map, photo. What is the capital of Jamaica?

Kingston - the capital of Jamaica

Kingston - the capital of Jamaica

Unfortunately, Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, does not have a very good reputation for guaranteeing a thrill to its guests. And yet, going here, a tourist cannot ignore the main Jamaican city..

There are not many historical monuments here, there are no traces of ancient civilizations, but there are several interesting museums. But real adventures await tourists on the streets of the city when they get to know the local colorful life..

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The location of the main city of Jamaica is very convenient. Firstly, it is located on the coast of the Caribbean Gulf, so you can have a good time on the local beaches, sunbathing and swimming. Secondly, it is not only the capital, but also a large seaport and the center of the country's food industry. But the attention of tourists is primarily attracted by the fact that the inhabitants of the poor quarters of Kingston became the pioneers of reggae - a musical style in which Latin American and African motives are intertwined, and in addition, echoes of the tunes of European colonialists are heard.

Devon House is the main attraction

This name was given to the mansion of one of the millionaires of Jamaica, George Stiebel. Its peculiarity is that this is the first black Jamaican who was able to earn an amount with six zeros. Naturally, having sufficient financial resources, he built a luxurious villa for himself, planted a beautiful garden around. Now this place is popular with city guests and local residents, guided tours (paid) are conducted around the millionaire's mansion, but you can walk in the garden absolutely free.

Bob Marley is a national hero

Most of the photos of tourists from Jamaica capture the famous knitted hats worn by Bob Marley - one of the founders of the reggae style and the most famous performer in the world. Multi-colored huge hats resembling loose berets and dreads once became the hallmark of the image of Bob Marley, and today these hats are the most important souvenir sold in Kingston on every corner..

It is clear that without the museum of the most famous reggae artist it is impossible to imagine the capital of Jamaica. The Bob Marley Museum is full of visitors, so tours are held here every hour, the program includes acquaintance with the life and work of the Jamaican genius, as well as listening to his most famous compositions.

Among other interesting institutions of the capital is the Arawak Museum, it is also called the museum secretly - this was the name of the indigenous inhabitants of the island. The exposition demonstrates artifacts associated with the first inhabitants of these territories.


  • Kingston - the capital of Jamaica
  • Kingston - the capital of Jamaica
  • Kingston - the capital of Jamaica