Features of Kuwait - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Kuwait

Recently, the countries of the Persian Gulf have been attracting an increasing number of tourists. Mostly experienced travelers come here for new, exotic experiences. Given the national characteristics of Kuwait and other countries in the region, there will be many vivid memories. But you should also prepare for the trip so that you do not inadvertently, unknowingly, offend the local population..

Traditions of national education

The capital of Kuwait and major cities are developing rapidly, the patriarchal order remains in remote regions. But many traditions, even in the urban environment, are carefully preserved, including the norms of behavior. Family always comes first in Kuwait, on weekdays and holidays. This is a single whole, therefore, it is customary to invite all members of the clan to visit, and also to go to everyone. Respect for elders is in the blood of every Kuwaiti, as is unquestioning obedience.

Of particular interest to Europeans are the relationship between Kuwaiti husbands and wives, in particular the fact that there is a ban on the demonstration of their tender relations in society. Even walking down the street holding hands is considered in Kuwait to be vicious, violating religious canons..

National clothes

The outfits of ordinary Kuwaiti residents deserve special attention. From a European point of view, they seem very exotic, especially among women. However, the use of certain elements of clothing is justified, firstly, by climatic conditions, and secondly, by traditions and mentality. Young people are happy to adopt European fashion, older people wear traditional outfits.

National men's costume consists of the following items:

  • white shirt made of cotton fabrics;
  • Kuwaiti Taub.

Representatives of the beautiful half of Kuwait, wrapped in a black veil, look very mysterious. In this outfit, only the hands and face remain open. In fact, they not only hide their beauty, as Europeans previously believed. The choice of such an outfit is due to the extremely hot climate of the country and the need to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation and sand..

Kuwait cuisine

The inhabitants of the country, who settled on the shores of the Persian Gulf, have a lot of seafood in their diet. It is difficult to single out the original Kuwaiti dishes and those that came from other Arab countries and South Asia. The most popular dish in Kuwait is Imahuash, which is most often offered to foreigners.