Currency in Macedonia: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Macedonia?

Currency in Macedonia

Currency in Macedonia

The Macedonian denar is as old as the independence of Macedonia itself. For many centuries, the people who inhabited these lands did not have any ethnic identification, since the number of countries that owned the territories cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand. The ethnos itself was formed only in the XIV century during the Ottoman invasion of the Bulgarian and Macedonian lands. Already in the twentieth century, the territory of Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia, and this is where the name of the local currency came from. At first it was a common Yugoslav denar, and then in 1993 it was replaced by the Macedonian denar. The deni was considered a bargaining unit for the Macedonian denar, which was equal to 0.01 dinars. But in 2013, deni was deprived of the right to be considered a legal tender in Macedonia, so today only denar is the official currency in the country..

Other means of payment in progress

Despite the fact that only the Macedonian denar is considered the official currency in Macedonia, European euros and American dollars are used. Of course, the price tags in stores are indicated in local currency, but informally, you can pay in euros. This is due to the country's relative proximity to the countries of the European Union..
A remarkable fact. In many countries of the world, in the absence of local currency, people are saved by plastic bank cards, which are a universal currency converter. But in Macedonia, this is a big problem, since not all large stores are equipped with payment terminals, not to mention small shops and cafes. Therefore, it is best for tourists to have money in Macedonia in local currency, as well as in euros or dollars. It's easier to figure it out during the purchase. Hence the answer to the question: what currency to take to Macedonia?

Importation of currency into Macedonia

There is absolute freedom here. There are no restrictions on the import, as well as on the export, of foreign currency. The procedure for declaring any funds is so rare that hardly any of the local customs officials will remember the last time they did it. There is some formal restriction on the import of the local Macedonian denar, but in fact, no one will bother you with this question, unless, of course, you carry with you an amount equal to the budget of a large Macedonian city.
Currency exchange in Macedonia
It will not be difficult to exchange imported foreign currency for local currency. The exchange can be made at specialized exchange offices, banks, airports, etc..


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