Coat of arms of Malaysia: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Malaysia

Coat of arms of Malaysia

The coat of arms of Malaysia is a product of the long evolution of the Malay state. Many elements of the modern emblem of Malaysia can be traced in previous versions of the coat of arms of this country, right up to Malaysia during the British protectorate. Since 1895, this coat of arms has changed several times. So, during the times of the Federated Malay States, a crown was at the top of the coat of arms, symbolizing the dominion of the British Crown over the Malay lands. After the declaration of independence, it was necessary to expand the shield of the coat of arms, remove the crown and supplement the inscription of the motto, placed on the ribbon at the bottom of the coat of arms.

The symbol of the unity of the monarchy and Islam

The crown once occupied the top of the main emblem of Malaysia, but after the loss of the Malay archipelago by the British Empire, it was replaced by a 14-pointed star and a crescent, which is placed under the star. This duet has become a symbol of the unity of monarchical power and the official religion, which is Islam. Modern interpreters identify the presence of a 14-pointed star with 13 states and federal territories of Malaysia. However, this star was originally associated with 14 states when Singapore was part of Malaysia. In 1965, Singapore left the federation, but the star in the coat of arms of Malaysia was not changed, but simply changed its meaning.

The symbol of the unity of the Malay states

The shield on the coat of arms of Malaysia was depicted in the days of the British protectorate, but with the addition of federal states, it had to be significantly modified. It is intended primarily to represent the states of the Federation of Malay. So, in the upper part of it, kris are depicted. The number of these daggers is equal to the number of the former Non-Unified Territories: Johor; Kedakh; Perlis; Kelantan; Terengganu.

The rest of the shield was divided between the symbols of Penang, Malacca and the former United Territories. So, below the kris are the colors of the former United Territories: Pahanga, Selangora, Negeri-Sembelan, Peraka. On the left is the areca palm that has become the symbol of Penang, and on the right is the Malacca tree, which is the symbol of the state of the same name. In the lower part of the shield, on the left, is the symbol of the state of Sabah, and in the lower right is the symbol of Sarawak. Between them, from 1963 to 1965, was the symbol of Singapore. Today at this place you can see the hibiscus flower - the symbol of the country..

Tigers and motto

The entire composition of the coat of arms would be incomplete without tigers, which were still depicted on the colonial coat of arms. They are an ancient traditional symbol of Malaysia, representing courage and strength. Each of them put one paw on the tape with the motto, and the other holds the shield. The creed of the Malays is displayed on the ribbon «Unity is strength». It is now written in Romanized Malay and Jawi, whereas during the British Raj there was no Latin inscription..


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