Holidays in Malaysia in December: prices and weather. Where to relax in Malaysia in December

Holidays in Malaysia in December

Holidays in Malaysia in December

Malaysia is an untouched corner of nature. Amazingly beautiful seascapes, clean sand and clear water on the beaches. At the same time, the tourism business in the country has been raised to unprecedented heights. Holidays in Malaysia in December, even taking into account not quite heavenly climatic conditions, are interesting, comfortable and exotic.

Weather in Malaysia in December

The climate of this distant country is equatorial, in the mountains it is temperate. Temperature from + 25 ° C and above. In December, the real summer begins in Malaysia. Too hot and humid, such weather is not tolerated by people with heart problems, and therefore it is better for them to choose another time or another part of the country to visit, for example, go on vacation to western Malaysia.

Recreation, entertainment

Here is a great beach holiday with all the services attached to it. Luxurious hotels will make you feel the comfort and care of the staff. Although the country has enough other, less luxurious, but quite acceptable for recreation hotels, boarding houses.

Among the main attractions is the place, the name of which is translated from Chinese - «Paradise». Here is a mountain climatic resort and entertainment center, which has already earned the nickname «Malay Las Vegas» for the abundance of casinos, restaurants and discos. Children will have something to do in the amusement parks.

National cuisine requires more than one day of acquaintance, local, Chinese and Indian traditions converge here. Lots of rice, spices and hot seasonings, fish.

A trip to the island of Borneo is a meeting with an amazing miracle of nature - a turtle, and swimming in hot springs, and exploring the underwater world, and acquaintance with the Langanan waterfall.


Tourists honor souvenirs of local crafts, batik, figurines carved from wood, wicker items, jewelry made of gold, silver.

Holidays, events

A traditional tour to Malaysia in December involves a beach holiday, acquaintance with local attractions, an excursion to the capital, Kuala Lumpur. But the meeting of the New Year acquires a special exoticism. Local residents, knowing about the traditions of many peoples to widely celebrate this holiday, go to meet the dear guest-tourist.

A huge number of artificial trees are sold in stores. It remains only to choose between the usual green spruce and gold (silver).

The New Year is celebrated with bright, spectacular fireworks, local delicacies, dancing until the morning and other, all familiar attributes of the holiday.

Holiday photos in Malaysia

  • Holidays in Malaysia in December
  • Holidays in Malaysia in December