Holidays in Malaysia in March: prices and weather. Where to relax in Malaysia in March

Holidays in Malaysia in March

Holidays in Malaysia in March

Malaysia, which occupies quite large territories in the southeastern part of Asia, claims to be the leader of the tourism business not only in this region, but also on the planet. You can come here almost all year round, a vacation in Malaysia in March will undoubtedly give new sensations to tourists crossing the borders of this country for the first time, and will open the following mysterious pages to those who have already been here.

Climate of Malaysia

The close proximity to the equator determines the appropriate climatic conditions. Heat and humidity are constant tourist companions in this country. The climate in the western and eastern parts is somewhat different, since the territories on the peninsula are influenced by continental air masses. East Malaysia experiences sea winds.

Weather in March

Only very healthy people can withstand the weather conditions in March. Therefore, it is better for families with children, people of age or with heart disease to choose another month for a vacation in Malaysia, or even pay attention to other countries working in the recreation industry..

The air temperature during the day throughout the territory is practically the same, from +28 ° C to +30 ° C, at night within +26 ° C. This temperature regime is great for a beach holiday with all its variety of species..

But getting acquainted with the history or unique culture of Malaysia will be more difficult. Moreover, it is very difficult for tourists to tear themselves away from the sea baths, the water temperature on the coast is +28 ° C.

Malaysia old and new

If, nevertheless, the tourist gets tired of resting, wants other pleasures, there is an opportunity to get to know Malaysia, find out where the country is striving now and how the locals survived here before.

Having chosen one of the many interesting routes, you can start sightseeing, getting to know the country and its inhabitants closely. Cities will amaze you with an abundance of skyscrapers, an amazing type of urban transport - monorails, and an active nightlife. As in other famous resorts in the world, nightclubs, dance halls, restaurants are held in high esteem..

The suburbs are a reflection of ancient Malaysia and are also exotic for the Russian tourist. Here you can see how rice grows in huge fields, what rubber plantations or gardens of oil and coconut trees look like..

Jungle journey

Another entertainment in March for tourists is getting to know the local jungle. The kingdom of untouched nature, unique forests, riot of colors of greenery and local inhabitants await tourists who decided to leave the beach area for a while.

Holiday photos in Malaysia

  • Holidays in Malaysia in March
  • Holidays in Malaysia in March