Holidays in Malaysia in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in Malaysia in October

Holidays in Malaysia in October

Holidays in Malaysia in October

Weather conditions in Malaysia in October are ready to please every tourist. It should be taken into account that Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia on the Malacca Peninsula and the northern coast of Borneo. The climate in each of the two parts is unique.

Weather in Malaysia in October

The Indian Ocean monsoons that have affected mainland Malaysia are receding. Rain and wind are now a thing of the past. The humidity level is gradually returning to normal. As a result, on mainland Malaysia, sunny weather is established with a minimum amount of precipitation, which will remain until spring. On the west coast, the weather will be dry, but in the east there is a risk of rain and wind.

On the island of Borneo, the weather in October depends on the Pacific air masses, therefore, in the middle of autumn, it rains with thunderstorms, storms, and the humidity level rises accordingly. In Malaysia, the air temperature is always + 30 ... + 32 degrees, and at night - +22 degrees. The sea also pleases with warmth, because it is warmed up to +30 degrees.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the weather, you can have an interesting time in Malaysia in October.

Holidays and festivals in Malaysia in October

Would you like to enjoy interesting cultural activities? Holidays in Malaysia in October will allow you to spend time interestingly, because many events deserve the attention of tourists.

  • The 1st October marks the beginning of the International Gourmet Festival. Anyone can try a special menu by visiting Malaysian restaurants. A special menu is developed by talented chefs who prepare the dishes. Take the chance to discover the amazing Malaysian cuisine.
  • The Festival of Lights, which is also known as Deepavali, is a major Hindu festival. It is customary to celebrate the celebration in the family circle, but with magnificent festivities. If you have friends in Malaysia, on October 23rd you can learn the traditions of Deepavali.
  • At the end of October, the Grand Prix of the motorcycle racing championship in Malaysia is traditionally held. You can see the best Malay motorcycle riders who are sure to delight with their sporting talent.

A variety of activities, each of which is aimed at people with a special worldview and different interests, allow you to have a rich time. Despite the possibilities of cultural leisure, the main goal of rest in Malaysia will still be to stay on the beach and seek harmony with nature, because October contributes to this.

Holiday photos in Malaysia

  • Holidays in Malaysia in October
  • Holidays in Malaysia in October