National drink of the Maldives. Alcohol in the Maldives: prices, export, alcohol export rate

Maldives drinks

Maldives drinks

Holidays in the Maldives archipelago are fashionable: snow-white sand and ocean water of various shades of turquoise, amazing sunsets and the highest level of service, privacy and romance for couples in love ... When it comes to drinks in the Maldives, many travelers believe that in this Muslim state it is impossible to taste alcohol, since all of it is prohibited.

Alcohol Maldives

As for the transportation of alcoholic beverages to the Maldives, the skeptics are partly right: the import of alcohol to the islands is strictly prohibited. Customs does not allow any alcoholic beverages, even in the smallest quantities, and for an attempt to deceive it can be punished by the imposition of large monetary fines. Nevertheless, the alcohol of the Maldives can be tasted, because in the desire to please tourists, the locals have succeeded no less than others. True, the prices for drinks will seem inhumane even to those who are used to not counting too much money:

  • 0.5 liters of regular beer costs $ 4-5 in a hotel restaurant.
  • A standard bottle of wine imported from Chile or Spain is estimated at $ 30-50 depending on the quality.
  • Champagne made in France, which is most often ordered by newlyweds who have chosen the Maldives for their honeymoon, «pulls» for 150-200 $.

Maldives national drink

Freshly squeezed juices from a wide variety of fruits are especially popular in the archipelago. The resort is a real paradise for lovers of healthy food, and therefore we can say that fresh is the national drink of the Maldives. Freshly squeezed orange or mango juice is usually served for breakfast in hotels. An afternoon snack includes papaya, banana, guava and coconut milk. By the way, it is the fresh coconut that is the symbol of the Maldivian table. He graces all the brochures and postcards from the islands.

Maldives alcoholic beverages

For those who cannot imagine their rest without a glass of liqueur or a glass of brandy, there is no reason to worry. In hotels, alcohol, as a rule, is included in the cost of living, and therefore on the territory of the hotel you can relax to the fullest. Guests are offered a variety of alcoholic drinks in the Maldives, but they will only be produced very far from the paradise islands. Especially popular in Maldivian hotels are wines produced in Chile, Argentina, Italy and Spain, English gin, Scotch whiskey and, of course, French champagne..


  • Maldives drinks
  • Maldives drinks