Holidays in the Maldives in March: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Maldives in March

Holidays in the Maldives in March

Holidays in the Maldives in March

The Maldives are a certain measure of a person's financial capabilities. Since the flight takes a long time and the cost of travel services is high, only wealthy people can afford the rest. Most often, they work a lot and seriously, regardless of the calendar season, so they use every opportunity that appears in a busy schedule for rest. Holidays in the Maldives in March is a great chance to relax, gain strength and impressions for new exploits in business.

For your pastime, you can choose one of twenty atolls in the equatorial waters belonging to the Indian Ocean. The number of islands in the Maldives cannot be counted even by experienced financiers, since nature almost daily surprises in the form of tiny islands appearing above the boundless ocean surface.

Maldives weather

In order to determine the weather conditions in the Maldives in March, it is not at all necessary to flip through a bunch of reference books. It is important to find the weather of any month, and that's it, the answer is ready.

Accommodation in the equator zone gave the Maldives excellent climatic and weather conditions. The sun shines all year round, inviting thousands of tourists under its banner. The air temperature may seem hot to many, +30 ° C. At night, tourists become more active due to the decrease in the temperature column to +26 ° C. The same temperature is in the coastal waters, and therefore it is very difficult to lure a tourist to the shore.

The only city

In March, you can join those wishing to travel to Male, the capital of the Maldives. This is a great opportunity to remember a busy, active life and to plunge into the rhythms of the city for a short time..

Among the capitals of the world, Male is at the bottom of the ranking, with an area of ​​only two square meters. m. However, the territory of the city occupies an entire island and a third of all local residents live here.

Malé, like other cities in the world, has its own skyscrapers and chic highways. The main street of the capital, with an abundance of official institutions and banks, runs along the coast. The highlight of this capital are 10 berths, of which berth No. 1 is assigned to the President..

Souvenirs from Male

Taking advantage of a trip to the capital, many tourists buy souvenirs, the most popular among Russian tourists are Maldivian mats. The second place is firmly held by souvenirs in the form of traditional fishing boats. Turtle shell and red corals cannot be brought as souvenirs, customs will not give the go-ahead.

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  • Holidays in the Maldives in March
  • Holidays in the Maldives in March