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Traditional cuisine in the Maldives

Traditional cuisine in the Maldives

Dining in the Maldives is not a problem for tourists: in the resort hotels you will be fed a variety of international cuisine, including oriental and Indian buffet. Since many hotels have several restaurants, even the most discerning tourists will be able to satisfy their food needs..

It is worth considering that the real Maldivian cuisine is slightly different from what you will be served at the hotel under the guise of national dishes - for traditional Maldivian dishes, you should go to cafes located in Male or an island village..

Maldives food

Maldivian cuisine combines the culinary traditions of India and Arab countries. The diet of the Maldivians is made up of seafood (baked, fried, boiled), rice, fish, hot seasonings and spices. As for meat, they rarely eat it, and poultry only on holidays..

In the Maldives, try smoked fish with coconuts and onions (mas huni), baked fish with chili sauce (fihunu mas), spiced fish pie (kulhi borkibaa), fish balls (gulha).

And lovers of sweets will be delighted with pastries, fruit salads, sweet fruit and rice dishes, various puddings, sweet dishes based on coconuts..

Where to eat in Maldives? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants where you can taste local food;
  • restaurants of European cuisine;
  • “hotaa” (small eateries where you can taste delicious and inexpensive dishes).

Drinks in Maldives

Popular drinks in the Maldives are tea (it is supplemented with a lot of milk and sugar), coffee, juices, raa (sweet palm juice), cocktails.

You can try alcoholic drinks (there are no local alcoholic drinks here - only imported ones) in the Maldives, you can only in your room or in the hotel restaurant (in other places, drinking alcohol is prohibited).

Maldives food tour

To try interesting dishes in the Maldives, it is worth coming here for Eid, Maloudh and other festivals. Or you can take part in special evenings called “Maldives night” (they are organized in some resorts) - here you will be treated to traditional local food.

Food lovers can stay in a 5-star hotel “Anantara kihavah” - here you can go on a real culinary journey, and all thanks to the fact that the main restaurant is a complex located above and under water, between heaven and earth, and invites its guests to start a meal in any of the 4 halls in which dishes of different, special cuisines. For example, while dining in a seafood restaurant under water, you can taste delicious dishes and taste various wines while watching sea creatures - lion fish, clown fish, parrot fish.

You can enjoy your holiday in the Maldives not only from sunbathing, fishing, diving and other entertainment, but also from local cuisine..

Photos of Maldives national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine in the Maldives
  • Traditional cuisine in the Maldives
  • Traditional cuisine in the Maldives