Holidays in Mauritius in April: prices and weather. Where to relax in Mauritius in April

Holidays in Mauritius in April

Holidays in Mauritius in April

This heavenly state will do anything so that a tourist who comes to Mauritius for the first time would like it here and want to return. For those who managed to master the local beaches and cozy lagoons, new beautiful places of the country will open upon a second visit. Moreover, the underwater world is changing almost every second..

The hot season is not a hindrance to a tourist who has chosen a vacation in Mauritius in April. There will be enough time for sunbathing, a hot afternoon can be devoted to diving into the cool ocean depths. Local amazing animals and birds will greatly expand the tourist's understanding of the richness of the world fauna, not to mention the diversity and beauty of the underwater light..

Climate in Mauritius

The tropical hot climate is also influenced by sea winds. Therefore, the trade winds do not allow negligent tourists to forget about themselves. April in Mauritius is a favorable time to visit, however, windbreakers will not hurt. Weather surprises, in the form of storms, storms and severe bad weather, bypass Mauritius.

Weather in Mauritius in April

Until the end of April, the hot season continues in Mauritius, with humidity reaching 80%. All because of the heavy rains, fortunately short, immediately followed by the sun, luring tourists to the beaches.

The air temperature in April days will be +30 ° C, by nightfall the bar will drop to +26 ° C, the difference is almost imperceptible. The temperature of coastal waters ranges from +28 ° C to +24 ° C.

Honeymoon romance

The Paradise Islands have long been chosen by newlyweds, who are thus trying to smoothly enter into a serious life together. If an important solemn wedding day is in the distant past, there is an opportunity to repeat everything in Mauritius. Only this wedding ceremony will be much brighter, more beautiful and more fun, and palm trees, stars and the endless ocean will witness the triumph of love.

Things to not miss on vacation

  • Travel to the times of colonial Mauritius. A small excursion to the capital of the country, the city of Port Louis, where entire quarters of colonial mansions have been preserved.
  • Tour of the tea factory «Bois Cherie», where they will reveal the entire production process and arrange a tasting of a delicious drink. A couple of bought boxes of tea is a good souvenir for relatives.
  • Tasting «Green Island», famous rum, this is an activity for real men.
  • An attempt to join the group of surfers living in Tamarin Bay and ride the wave.

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  • Holidays in Mauritius in April
  • Holidays in Mauritius in April