Where is the best place to relax in Mauritius. Where to go in Mauritius?

Where to relax in Mauritius

Where to relax in Mauritius

When the holiday season begins, many go to the paradise islands to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world, put their thoughts and health in order, or just sunbathe on the beaches. Any islands will be a great place to relax. And many are interested in, for example, where is it better to relax in Mauritius.

Youth rest

Considering that hotels on the island have a developed infrastructure, we can safely say that everyone here will like it: mature people, children and young people. What can young people have fun while on vacation?

  • Firstly, you can do water sports here. For example, water skiing, diving and surfing.
  • Second, extreme youth can go shark fishing.
  • Thirdly, young people are very fond of all kinds of discos, parties, bars and nightclubs. And there are more than enough in Mauritius. You certainly won't be bored.
  • Fourth, you should definitely go to the local shops. Shopping is relevant at any time.

Family holiday

Many couples also go to Mauritius. And the question arises: where is the best place to relax in Mauritius with children? It seems that the island is not that big, but there is enough entertainment for the children's audience..

Children will love the Casela Nature Park, where rare bird species can be seen. Of particular interest is the pink pigeon. The whole family can go to Port Louis, where there are a lot of attractions. There are monuments, churches and cathedrals literally at every step. The museum is of interest to tourists «Victoria 1840» and the museum «Blue penny». Be sure to pay attention to the Pamplemousse Botanical Garden.

Excursion rest

Before you go on an excursion around the island, you need to decide on the most comfortable option for clothes and shoes. In addition, do not forget about the headdress..

  • The first excursion takes place in the capital of the island of Port Louis and the botanical garden. Here you can get to know the past and present of Mauritius better by examining the ancient buildings. Any tourist will definitely like it here.
  • The second excursion takes place in the southwestern part of the island. Tourists must love the town of Kürpip. Be sure to visit the Sacred Lake and Chamarel - the seven-colored land. These places will not leave anyone indifferent.

Beach vacation

Those who want to take a little of everything from the island should go to the Grand Baie resort. There are all kinds of entertainment, spas, shops, and gorgeous beaches..

Those who love a quiet and relaxing holiday should opt for the Blue Bay resort. Clear water, coral forests, white sand, bright sun ... And what else is needed for a wonderful beach holiday?

Cap Mahler is perfect for those who love the best. After all, it is here that the best beaches and the most beautiful nature are.

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