Holidays in Mauritius in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in Mauritius in August

Holidays in Mauritius in August

Holidays in Mauritius in August

Those tourists who do not have strict requirements for the ideal state of the weather can safely choose a vacation in Mauritius in August. The vacation will be almost rainless in dry weather.

At this time, strong winds drive out pampered tourists from the island, so those who dream of peace and solitude will seem to have an ideal pastime in Mauritius..

Lovers of ecology will find heavenly places and fantastically beautiful nature, surfers will enjoy fighting the winds and waves. But divers are better off choosing other places to rest or just take a break..

Weather in Mauritius in August

Winter is in full swing in the southern hemisphere. But do not be afraid of the cold and stock up on winter things, although light sweaters and jackets will not hurt. The dry and cool season that has come to Mauritius will not allow you to relax for a long time on the beach without doing anything. On the contrary, the relative coolness, strong winds will push tourists to active activities, for example, hiking, surfing, getting to know the amazing nature of the island.

The temperature is +25 ° C, however, strong winds and cyclones create a feeling of coolness. For swimming, it is better to choose places located on the leeward side in the resort areas of Tamarin or Volmar, the temperature is quite suitable up to +24 ° C.

Meet Rodriguez

This is the name of the island of the state, which confidently holds the second largest after Mauritius. Rodriguez is surrounded by a coral reef. And here, just like on the central island, surfers of all stripes love to hang out, they find ideal conditions for their fun, namely strong winds that create a high and long wave.

The second popular activity in Rodriguez is ecological tourism. For lovers of wildlife, an observation deck has been created on the mountain with the juicy name of Lemon. It offers magnificent views of the island and the endless ocean. Tourists will enjoy getting to know the mysterious world of the local Patat Caves, a nature reserve where turtles live. A trip to neighboring islands will introduce you to the world of seabirds.

Spa rest

The poor weather conditions in Mauritius in August can be compensated for by various spa treatments offered by local hotels and clinics. Among the wellness and rejuvenating procedures, various massages, algae wraps, mud and mineral baths and even aromatherapy.

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  • Holidays in Mauritius in August
  • Holidays in Mauritius in August