How long is the flight from Chisinau to Moscow? Time of flight Chisinau - Moscow

How long to fly from Chisinau to Moscow?

In Chisinau, you managed to see the monument to Stefan the Great, the Mazarakiev Church, as well as artifacts found during the excavations of Old Orhei in the Museum of National Archeology and History, visit the Pushkin Museum, parks “Valley of roses” and “Valley of mills”, Arboretum and Cathedral Square, come off at interesting parties in nightclubs “Boulevard” or “Dance planet”, spend time in the karting center “Formula-Kart”? Now you need to study the details of the return flight.?

How long to fly from Chisinau to Moscow (direct flight)?

The capital of Moldova and Russia is separated by more than 1100 km, which you will be able to overcome in 2 hours. So, “Air Moldova” takes you to “Domodedovo” 1 hour 55 minutes after take-off, and “Vim avia” - after 2 hours 05 minutes.

The average price of air tickets Chisinau-Moscow is 5100-6600 rubles (tickets at such prices are sold in December, August and May).

Flight Chisinau-Moscow with transfers

Connections can be made in Bucharest, Verona, Riga, Rome and other cities (the duration of such flights will take from 6 to 28 hours). Through Vienna and Warsaw (“Austrian Airlines”) you will fly home over 6.5 hours via Verona (“Meridiana fly”) - 18.5 hours (before docking you will have almost 13 hours in reserve), via Munich (“Lufthansa”) - 8 hours, via Riga (“Air Baltic”) - 10.5 hours, via Bucharest (“TAROM”) - 28 hours (you will have to wait more than 22 hours for a connecting flight), via Warsaw (“Polish Airlines”) - 26.5 hours (you will have 20.5 hours before your connecting flight).

Which air carrier to choose?

The following airlines operate Chisinau-Moscow flights, carrying their passengers on Alenia ATR 42-500, Embraer EMB 120, Boeing 737-500 and other aircraft: “Air Moldova”; “S7”; “TALOM”; “Wizz air”; “Euro lot”.

The Chisinau-Moscow flight is operated at Chisinau International Airport (KIV), which is 13 km away from the city (a shuttle bus travels here “A”, minibus No. 165, taxi “FlyTaxi” and “Taxi 14700”). Here you can wrap suitcases in thick film (there are special points for packing luggage), then put them in the storage room, take a break in the waiting room with free Wi-Fi, visit cafes, restaurants and a chocolate boutique, point (works around the clock).

What to do on board the plane?

On the flight, you should think about which of your relatives to make happy with gifts bought in Chisinau, in the form of pottery by Moldovan artisans, icons, home textiles, Moldovan wines and cognac, chocolates produced at the factory. “Bucuria”, carpets in the Moldavian style (woolen, synthetic, jacquard), knitwear, leather, grapevine.