Water parks in Chisinau - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Chisinau

Guests of Chisinau are recommended to visit the local water park in order to immerse themselves in a pleasant atmosphere conducive to a positive and comfortable rest..

Water parks in Chisinau

Aquapark “Aqua magic” equipped with:

  • 23 water attractions in the form “UFO”, “Big hill”, “Small hill”, “Serpentine”, “Twister”, “SpaceBowl”, “Mega pipes”;
  • a playground located in the water, with gentle slopes and fountains;
  • 7 pools of different depths and sizes;
  • “lazy river”;
  • beach volleyball courts (groups of guests can arrange competitions among themselves);
  • sun loungers and umbrellas;
  • 2 pizzerias, a summer terrace and a pool bar;
  • guarded parking for 140 cars.

It should be noted that in “AquaMagic” you cannot enter with food and drinks, with the exception of fruits, baby food and water. The cost of tickets on weekdays is 150 lei, and on weekends - 200 lei. As for children under 14 years old, they are provided with a 50% discount on the cost of an adult ticket (the same discount is valid for adult visitors who come to the water park after 17:00).

Water activities in Chisinau

Are you planning to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool? pay attention to “Gloria Hotel”, “Edem Hotel”, “Jolly Alon Hotel” and other hotels.

Pool lovers can look into the shopping center “Megapolis Mall” - they will certainly be delighted with the summer pool (temperature difference), 2 pools with a shallow depth,“paddling pool” for little visitors, summer cafe. Information on prices: 09: 00-13: 00 - 40 lei, 14: 00-19: 30 - 50 lei, children up to 7 years old - 20 lei, sunbed rent - 20 lei.

The pool deserves the attention of vacationers “Aliten” - the water in the pool is filtered, and around there are sun loungers on which you can rest after swimming (a whole day of stay will cost 100 lei, after 16:00 - 50 lei).

Since GOA Territory is located on the shore of the Ghidigichi reservoir (on weekdays it will cost adults 70, on weekends - 130 lei, and for 3-7 years old children 40 lei, regardless of the day of the week), everyone who decides to come here will be able to spend time on a comfortable beach, in 3 swimming pools, on a volleyball court, a picnic area, use sun loungers, changing rooms, showers, a bar. It is worth noting that in the evening you can relax here with good music.

The attention of the guests of Chisinau deserves “Valley of Roses” - this park will delight them with the presence of various trees and shrubs, a cascade of lakes (a favorite place for local ducks that can be fed), children's and sports grounds, a small children's town with carousels and attractions roller coasters, electric cars, Ferris wheel, “Breeze”, “Chamomile”), a bridge for lovers.