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Education in Moldova

Moldova is famous for its ancient architectural monuments, viticulture, excellent opportunities for recreation and treatment. And you can also come here to study.

Advantages of getting an education in Moldova:

  • Opportunity to take part in a student exchange program;
  • Low tuition fees;
  • Quality education.

Distance learning

Many Russian schoolchildren dream of getting a quality education in Russian. To achieve the goal, it is not necessary to go to Moscow - the capital of Moldova offers to get an education at the Russian school opened here. After graduating from this school, graduates will receive a Moscow certificate. If desired, you can study remotely. To do this, the student must register on the educational website. To enter the personal page, he will receive an individual password: in the system he will have access to everything he needs to study in electronic form.

Higher education in Moldova

You can get higher education in Moldova at a university, institute or academy (duration of study is 4-6 years). Upon graduation, students are awarded licentiate diplomas or professional diplomas. And to get a doctor's degree, you will have to study additionally at the university for 3-4 years.

Access to higher education at the non-university level is open in Moldova. To do this, you need to go to college (training will take 2-3 years) for a short-term course to master, for example, a specialty “agronomy”, “pedagogy”, “building”. Upon graduation, students will receive a diploma of abbreviated higher education.

Those wishing to become doctors or pharmacists should enroll in the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy named after Nicolae Testemitanu. This university prepares future specialists on the basis of programs that meet European standards.

Important: the first years of study at the university are conducted in Romanian, Russian and English.

IT education in Moldova

To become a specialist in the field of information technology, you need to get a basic education at a lyceum, college or institute, after which you can take a short-term training in IT courses (paid training). Such courses can be found not only at state educational institutions, but also, for example, at a foreign Cisco academy. After training, the student will be issued a certificate from Cisco Systems (it will reflect the volume, type of knowledge gained and assessments). In the same academy, you can pass CCNA certification (it is needed so that an IT specialist can not only leave the country, but also successfully find a job in the Moldovan market).

You can get any education in Moldova - if you wish.

Photos of educational institutions in Moldova