Tourism in Moldova - development, photo

Tourism in Moldova

Once upon a time, every resident of the Soviet Union dreamed of visiting this country, which, firstly, was well known for its vineyards and, accordingly, high-quality alcoholic products, and, secondly, the hospitality of local residents became proverbs and sayings.

In addition, on the territory of the country you can find traces of the presence of the first Christians, from which there are rock monasteries and medieval cathedrals. These are the most important factors on which tourism in Moldova relies.

Transport issue

The country is relatively small, getting to the most remote corner is not a problem. The railway connects Chisinau with all major cities of neighboring countries. In Moldova itself, the car park is well developed, you can use city or intercity buses or rent a car.

In memory of the beautiful Moldova

Famous Moldovan wines and cognacs become the main souvenirs leaving their homeland in suitcases and travel bags. Among the art objects made by local craftsmen are scarves, shirts, and skirts, most often woven and embroidered by hand. The works of Moldovan potters, a little awkward and funny, also do not leave tourists indifferent..

As gifts to relatives and colleagues, you can choose clothes, bags made of high quality leather. Baskets, vine furniture are popular among guests of the country..

Delicious Moldova

Gastronomic tours to this country are also becoming fashionable, the peculiarities of Moldovan cuisine are generosity, simplicity and satiety. There are national dishes here, but there are also dishes that are popular with neighbors, first of all, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey..

The main products are vegetables, which are boiled, stewed, fried by Moldovans, mixing in any proportions and variations. Meat is also presented in all types, the main method of preparation is frying, most often on the grill. Most often, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the famous hominy, corn porridge, popular in Moldova and neighboring Romania is served.

Grape gold

Beautiful vines with large, sun-poured bunches are the country's main treasure. And one of the attractive tourist highlights. Of course, the vineyards themselves are not so interesting for tourists, but what path the transparent berries take to become an exquisite wine is of interest to many. The popular grape tour program includes:

  • inspection of the vineyards;
  • acquaintance with cultivation and collection technologies;
  • tasting delicious products.

But, besides this, the program includes visits to ancient fortresses, ancient monasteries, ethnographic villages, outdoor recreation.