Population of Moldova. Population in Moldova: features, density, composition

Population of Moldova

The population of Moldova is over 3.5 million.

National composition:

  • Moldovans (65%);
  • Ukrainians;
  • Russians;
  • other nations (Romanians, Bulgarians, Gagauz, Jews).

Moldovans inhabit mainly the northern and central regions of the country; Russians and Ukrainians came to Moldova after World War II and live mainly in cities, while the rest of the peoples settled in the south of the country in rural areas.

111 people live per 1 sq. Km, but densely populated areas are Unghensky, Cagulsky, Orhei, and sparsely populated areas - Bessarabsky, Tarakliysky, Dubossarsky districts.

The state language is Moldovan, but in Moldova Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian languages ​​are widely spoken.

Large cities: Chisinau, Tighina, Tiraspol, Balti, Bender, Cahul, Rybnitsa.

Most Moldovans are Orthodox Christians.

Life span

The male population lives on average up to 67, and the female population - up to 75 years. In recent years, Moldova has managed to increase the average life expectancy of the population by reducing the level of general and infant mortality.

The main causes of mortality in the population are cardiovascular, pulmonary, oncological and diseases of the circulatory system. The causes of many diseases of the inhabitants of Moldova lie in the wrong diet (they consume a lot of sugar, salt and fat), a sedentary lifestyle, and bad habits. Because of all this, there is a delay in the physical development of children under 5 years of age in the country (6% of children): many of them have anemia and iodine deficiency in the body.

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Moldova

The traditions of Moldova concern various fields of activity of Moldovans (music, dance, winemaking, the work of folk craftsmen).

Traditional arts are widespread in Moldova, especially pottery: ceramics are used for storing and preparing dishes. These products have an original ornament - jugs, pots and other products in Moldova are decorated with decor from lines, dots and circles.

If you are lucky enough to visit Moldova, you should definitely purchase hand-made embroidery - clothes, towels, tablecloths or curtains (Moldovan embroidery is distinguished by a special color scheme and patterned themes).

Of interest are pre-wedding Moldovan traditions: before preparing for the wedding, future newlyweds should exchange rings in the presence of loved ones, but only if they manage to find them in a plate of wheat from 3 attempts.

Holidays are loved in Moldova, especially Wine Day (2nd Sunday in October) - at this time, numerous guests of the country come here to have fun, take part in an entertainment carnival and taste wine.

Moldovans are hospitable people, and when you come to Moldova, you can get to know them and their interesting traditions (you will be warmly welcomed, offering to drink Moldovan wine and taste delicious dishes prepared by the hostess of the house).