Coat of arms of Moldova: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Moldova

This state became independent relatively recently, many stronger neighboring countries encroached on independence and freedom. The coat of arms of Moldova consists of ancient symbols hinting at a rich history, the desire to peacefully resolve issues, but in the event of aggression, give a decisive rebuff.

Eagle and Tour

Indeed, the main characters depicted on the state symbol of the Republic of Moldova are a bird of prey and a formidable animal. The stylized head of an ancient tur is placed on a shield. The drawing of the animal is made with gold paint and placed in a box, which consists of two parts in red and blue. The shield is on the eagle's chest, the drawing is also very stylized. The bird of prey is brown, the beak and paws are red.

There are even smaller details, but with deep meaning. A crescent moon and a rose with five petals are depicted next to the head of the tur, and an eight-pointed star between the horns of the animal. These elements are as gold as the tour. The predatory feathered creature is also supplemented with interesting details, in his beak he holds a golden cross, clasps a golden scepter and an emerald olive branch with his paws.

Historical sketches

The modern coat of arms of this country was adopted in 1990, and on the basis of the results of a competition announced by the Supreme Soviet of the Moldavian SSR. Prominent political figures took places in the jury of the competition, six of the best works were sent to the State Commission on Heraldry of Bucharest.

As a result, the current main symbol of the country was born. Its author - Gheorghe Vrabie, Moldovan artist, co-author - Maria Dogaru, who was the vice-chairman of the commission on heraldry, a recognized specialist in this field. Her proposal to add an olive branch to the eagle, symbolizing the desire of the new state for peace.

And although the coat of arms of the republic was adopted quite recently, the head of the tour already appears on the symbols of the Moldavian principality, as well as on Hungarian and Polish shields. Scientists still cannot come to a consensus about the appearance of a bull on ancient symbols..

On the Moldovan coat of arms there is an image of a crescent, which is quite popular in the heraldry of different countries, where the sun has always accompanied it. There is no heavenly body on the symbol of this state. Therefore, the five-petalled rose is a reminder, on the one hand, of the sun, on the other, of such common elements in heraldry as the pentagram..