Rivers of Moldova - photo, list, description

Rivers of Moldova

The rivers of Moldova form a rather dense and ramified network. All rivers of the country carry their waters to the shores of the Black Sea.

Turunchuk river

Turunchik is one of the arms of the Dniester. Geographically, the river is located on the territory of Moldova and Ukraine. The maximum channel width is thirty meters at a depth of six meters.

The river was formed as a branch between 1780 and 1785. The branch begins near the village of Chobruchi (146 km of the Dniester). Turunchik returns to «parental» Dniester near the town of Belyaevka (20 kilometer of current).

Turunchuk is one of the venues for the fishermen's competition.

Prut river

The river bed passes through the territory of three states - Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. It is a left tributary of the Danube, with a total length of 953 kilometers. The source of the river is the eastern Carpathians (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

The Prut is the second longest river in the country. In its upper reaches, the Prut is a typical mountain river, and only when it enters the territory of Moldova, the Prut calms down, turning into a classic flat river with a wide valley and low banks. The Prut bed is rather winding and here and there breaks up into sleeves. The lower part of the river floodplain is very swampy.

Reut river

Reut is one of the rivers of Moldova, which is the right tributary of the Dniester. The total length of the current is 286 kilometers. The source of the river is located near the village of Red-Mare (Dondyushan region). Initially, the current has a southeast direction, after two changes in direction, Reut flows into the waters of the Dniester (Ustye village).

In the area of ​​Floreshtami and Kazaneshtami, the river bed passes through narrow and deep gorges formed in limestone rocks. The waters of the river are very polluted, therefore they are used only for irrigation.

Alcalia river

A small river in length - only 67 kilometers - passes through the territory of Ukraine and Moldova. The confluence is Lake Burnas. The river valley is heavily cut by gullies and natural ravines. The channel, up to eight meters wide, is moderately winding. The waters of the river are used for irrigation.

The source of the river is one of the ponds in Moldova. The channel geographically passes through the territory of two districts - Tatarbunarsky and Belgorod-Dnestrovsky (Odessa region).

River hajider

Hajider territorially belongs to two states - Ukraine and Moldova. The total length of the channel is 94 kilometers. The source of the river is on the Podolsk Upland (near the town of Stefan Voda). Then it passes through the lands of three districts: Belgorod-Dnestrovsky; Saratov; Tatarbunar.

The place of confluence is the waters of Lake Hajider. The river itself receives the waters of fifty-seven small rivers. And the largest of all is Kaplan, which forms a small reservoir at the confluence with Hajider.