Taxi in Tiraspol - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Tiraspol

Taxi in Tiraspol

Taxi in Tiraspol is about 500 cars (some of them are equipped with taximeters), providing transport services to all comers around the clock.

Taxi services in Tiraspol

You should not take a taxi at the station - the rates in such cars will be somewhat overstated. In this case, a taxi can be called by phone (there is a single taxi call service in the city: 15 17) or if you have few things, then you can get to your destination by public transport, the system of which is very well developed in the city.

Neither tourists nor local residents are highly recommended to use the services of private traders for reasons of their own safety - it is advisable to hit the road on official taxis that regularly undergo technical inspection, the drivers of which are professionals with extensive driving experience.

You can leave a request for a car at the following phone numbers:

  • “SokolPark”: 77707, 777 4 90 23, 777 8 92 16, 778 2 24 15. This company specializes not only in passenger transportation, but also in the provision of courier services (if necessary, a taxi service employee will take documents or cargo to any destination).
  • Taxi “9999-3”: (553) 9999 3. This taxi service is widely known for the fact that every day, before taking up the transportation of passengers, a medical worker measures the pressure of drivers and checks their general state of health, and mechanics inspect cars and, if necessary, promptly fix malfunctions.

If you wish, you can find a free car in the equipped parking lots.

It should be noted that in the near future, residents and guests of not only Tiraspol, but also other cities of Moldova will be able to use taxi services, which they plan to provide with modern equipment - indicators of taxi occupancy (the presence of red and green lights), recording devices, meters and payment terminals (will appear the ability to pay for travel with a bank card and receive a check at the end of the trip). In addition, the drivers in the updated taxis will be fenced off from passengers by a special partition..

Taxi cost in Tiraspol

If you are interested in getting an answer to the question: “How much does a taxi cost in Tiraspol?”, check out the tariffs for taxis in this Moldovan city:

  • boarding + the first 2 km of the route cost passengers 1-2 euros;
  • the cost of travel at night increases by about 20-25%.

On average, a trip around the city costs 3-5 euros.

If you want to go on vacation, you can rent a car with a driver. You will be pleasantly surprised: for this service you will be asked to pay from 20 euros / 6 hours.

You can enjoy the magnificent nature and unique appearance of Tiraspol not only by walking around the city on foot, but also by traveling around it by local taxis.

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