Resorts of Moldova: photos, description

Resorts of Moldova

Russian travelers undeservedly deprive the Republic of Moldova of attention. Its rating among the world tourist powers does not look too optimistic, although the potential of the picturesque region, full of medieval architectural sights and wine cellars from the Guinness Book of Records, is truly immense. Due to the lack of access to the sea, Moldova has no beach resorts, but wine and gastronomic tours around the fraternal republic are increasingly becoming the subject of attention of real Russian gourmets. Tours to the land of delightful vineyards are also booked by those who prefer a relaxing spa vacation in a retro style. Moreover, retro is always in fashion.!

For or Against?

Choosing wine tours or medical resorts in Moldova as a scenario and a place for a vacation, it is important to pay attention to some features of the Moldovan reality:

  • When setting out in winter, do not overestimate the possibilities of the local weather. It is recommended to have warm outerwear with you - in the resorts of Moldova there are quite impressive frosts!
  • Carrying enough cash with you is a good practice for traveling in the Moldovan outback. ATMs are not common in the provinces, and credit cards in a village store or cafe are not accepted at all..
  • Renting a car on a tour of Moldova will be inexpensive, but the quality of the roads will not be ideal everywhere.

On the banks of the Dniester

Officially, the resort city of Moldova is Vadul-lui-Voda on the right bank of the Dniester River. Picturesque landscapes and lush green valleys attract hundreds of Chisinau residents to the city, since the distance to the capital does not exceed two dozen kilometers.
The recreation area on the banks of the river is equipped with sports grounds, cafes and restaurants, organized tourists are invited to sanatoriums and rest houses, and those who do not like to relax on a schedule are waiting for cottages in the coastal forest belt..
At the most popular resort in Moldova, you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also undergo a course of treatment or general strengthening health procedures in one of the local sanatoriums. Their specialization is the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the digestive, genitourinary and endocrine systems. Doctors and cosmetologists will recommend programs for weight loss, skin care and the latest scientific and practical developments in systemic cleansing of the body. The average cost of one day of living in the sanatoriums of Wadui-lui-Voda, taking into account treatment and four meals a day, starts from $ 20 (summer 2015).