Chisinau shops. Shopping centers and markets in Chisinau

Shopping centers and markets in Chisinau

After shopping for souvenirs in Chisinau, tourists begin to better understand the soul of a hospitable multinational city. After all, you can't find souvenir shops here. But you can directly communicate with colorful Moldovan artisans by visiting the souvenir market near the National Theater on Stefan cel Mare Avenue. Another landmark is McDonald's opposite.

Moldovan craftsmen from all around Chisinau bring their products to this fair of folk crafts. These are ceramic, clay household utensils, wicker items from a vine, hand-embroidered towels, tablecloths, national costumes, figurines from various materials, wooden pipes, etc..

Markets in Chisinau have recently been very popular because of the opportunity to find any item here at an affordable price. However, now prices in shopping malls are often not higher than market prices, and the quality of goods is better. If you still want to wander around flea markets, listen to Moldovan, Gypsy, Romanian speech, then the Tiraspol Market, the market near the North Station and the Central Market are at your service. You can also go to the Central Market for delicious Moldovan products: vegetables, fruits, homemade canned food, pickles and marinades, homemade wines and kvass.

Winemaking is one of the main branches of the national economy of Moldova. In the city center, many wineries sell their inimitable drinks made from sunny berries, wheat and cognac spirits. Winery Cricova presents its goods on the street. Stefan cel Mare, the Mali Milesti winery cooperates with the Elat supermarket on Vasile Alexandri street, the Ialoveni cognac factory sells on the same Stefan cel Mare.

Shopping centers

Chisinau has developed a well-developed infrastructure of shopping malls over the past decade. Each district of the city has its own shopping center, easily accessible by public transport. The most famous of them: MallDova SEC, Elat SEC, Soyuz SEC, Sun City SEC, Jumbo SEC, Jemenii SEC.

To buy inexpensive goods from European and Moldovan companies, you don't have to go far from the souvenir market, which is next to the National Theater. There is also a shopping center Jemenii. In it you will find all the necessary things at attractive prices..

MallDova shopping center is one of the best shopping centers in Chisinau. It has a good infrastructure: free parking, cafes, restaurants, bowling, cinemas. Playgrounds are provided for children, interactive games for teenagers. On four floors, adherents of casual style, people who go with sports in life, glamorous fashionistas and elegant fashionistas will find new clothes. The mall is located on Viaduct street between the urban districts of Botanica and the Center.

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