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Tours in Monaco

Tours in Monaco

This state occupies only two square kilometers, but, despite its not outstanding size, only the lazy has not heard of Monaco. The principality became famous for its famous casino in Monte Carlo and the Formula 1 round, which is regularly held here. And in the dwarf state there is a real Philharmonic Orchestra and an Opera, and therefore tours to Monaco are chosen by travelers for whom a cultural component, rich in every sense, is synonymous with a good rest..

History with geography

Little Monaco is located on the Mediterranean Sea and borders on the territory of France on all sides. The official language here is also French. The history of the principality began in the 13th century, when a fortress was built on these lands and a colony of the Genoese Republic was founded. The principality gained independence from it less than a hundred years later, and subsequently used the protectorate of France to protect against various encroachments on its sovereignty..
The indigenous people and citizens of Monaco are called Monegasques. Participants of tours in Monaco will be interested to know that Monegasques are completely tax-free and have the right, unlike others, to live in the area of ​​the old city. Obtaining citizenship of Monaco is not just difficult, but almost impossible, and therefore the population growth here does not reach half a percent..

Briefly about the important

  • The weather in the principality is ensured by a subtropical Mediterranean climate. If a tour in Monaco is to be held in the summer, you should remember that the air temperature at this time can reach +30, and precipitation is extremely rare. Winter in the principality is mild, the thermometer almost never drops below +10, snow falls extremely rarely, but it mostly rains.
  • In order to go on a tour in Monaco, the easiest way is to buy air tickets to Nice. This French airport in Monaco can be reached by bus: there are more than 140 bus stops in the dwarf principality!
  • The railway station, where high-speed trains from France and other countries arrive, is located underground, like the railway tracks themselves..

Jacques Yves Cousteau and his museum

The pride of the principality is its Oceanographic Museum, which is visited by all tour participants in Monaco. For many years, its director was an outstanding scientist and traveler Jacques Yves Cousteau. The exposition contains samples of models of ships and naval weapons, tools and devices. The collection of marine fauna reveals the diversity of species found in the Ligurian Sea and throughout the Mediterranean basin.


  • Tours in Monaco
  • Tours in Monaco