Coat of arms of Monaco: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Monaco

Coat of arms of Monaco

The dwarf state, located in the center of Europe in the shadow of France, has, nevertheless, a very long history, in which there were battles and victories, achievements and failures, periods of prosperity and decline. If you look closely at the coat of arms of Monaco, you can see the reflection of important historical events..

Royal coat of arms

The main official symbol of the country looks very pretentious, solemn thanks to the royal colors and symbols. Among the main details of the coat of arms of the country stand out:

  • a shield divided into fields;
  • chain and order of St. Charles;
  • supporters in the form of monks;
  • princely crown;
  • mantle.

The dominant colors are scarlet (red), silver (white), gold (yellow). Also present in some details are blue, green, black. Scarlet, the second main color of the principality's coat of arms, a symbol of courage, fearlessness, courage. The presence of silver, one of the two heraldic metals, symbolizes purity, purity, nobility.

Essential elements

The centerpiece of the official Monaco symbol is the shield, which has a classic shape. It is divided into sectors, in the form of scarlet and silver rhombuses..

The shield holders on the country's coat of arms are not quite familiar - these are two monks, dressed in robes and armed with swords. The appearance of these warlike characters in the symbols of Monaco is not accidental. They are a reminder of the historical events that took place in 1297, when the territory of the present state was conquered by the warriors of Francesco Grimaldi..

He used military cunning, so that the operation was successful, the soldiers were dressed in monastic robes. Thus, the enemy army did not expect an offensive, the Grimaldi dynasty won and began to rule the country. As a sign of this, the motto of the dynasty appeared on the modern coat of arms of the country, it is written in Latin and translates as «With God's help».

Order of Saint Charles

Another interesting detail of the principality's coat of arms is the Order of St. Charles, whose chain frames the shield. The order belongs to the highest state awards of Monaco, has five degrees and is awarded for special services to the state.

The princely crown is made of gold, decorated with precious stones, sapphires and rubies. It crowns the composition, the background for the coat of arms is a beautifully draped mantle, it is made of red velvet, lined with precious ermine fur, and trimmed with gold fringe.


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