Airport in Podgorica: scheme, photo. How to get to Podgorica airport

Airport in Podgorica

Airport in Podgorica

The capital airport of Montenegro is called Podgorica Airport - this is the second airport in the country, 80 km from here is Tivat airport. The airport is located about 10 km from Podgorica, it is often called the Golubovtsi airport (the city closest to the airport).
Podgorica Airport, like the airport in Tivat, is state-run. More than 400 thousand passengers are served here annually with a capacity of about a million people. In 2007, this airport was awarded the title of the best airport serving less than a million passengers.. 
The airport has only one runway, which is 2500 meters long. Accordingly, this length does not allow to accept heavy ships..
Obviously, the airport does not serve domestic flights, since the distance between the two airports is only 80 km, and only international flights to different European cities are made from here. The busiest time is the tourist season (approximately April-October). At this time, in addition to regular flights, the airport serves a large number of charter flights, including from Russia.


The airport is ready to offer all the necessary services to its passengers. At the moment, there are 2 cafes, various kiosks, as well as duty-free shops on the territory of the terminal..
In addition, services to passengers are offered by a local bank, ATMs, post office, etc..
A car rental company operates on the territory of the airport. Therefore, those who like to travel on their own can use her services..
There are several hotels not far from the airport, which offer different classes of service - any tourist will find a hotel within their pocket.

How to get there

The capital of Montenegro can be reached in several ways, the most common is a bus. Buses run regularly from the airport terminal to the city at intervals of 20 minutes. The money for the trip must be returned to the driver, the price will be around 2.5 euros.
You can also go to the city by taxi, the fare will be about 15 euros.

Photos of Podgorica airport

  • Airport in Podgorica
  • Airport in Podgorica
  • Airport in Podgorica