Trip to Montenegro

Trip to Montenegro

Trip to Montenegro

A trip to Montenegro will be an unforgettable journey, both for lovers of a simple beach holiday, and those who want to get adrenaline, climbing rocks and rafting on local rivers.

Public transport

Montenegro occupies a relatively small area. That is why the country's transport does not differ in a special variety. The most common option is buses. Only on them you can get to the remote part of the country. But at the same time, the road network covers the whole of Montenegro, and the mountainous area is no exception..

There are several large intercity transportation companies in the country. Dispatch of regular buses is carried out from bus stations. Conveniently, buses stop at almost all settlements that are encountered along the route. There are also stops if necessary «on demand».

The traffic schedule is strictly observed. At each stop there is a timetable showing the transit time. Tickets, if you want to save a little, must be purchased at the kiosks. You can also buy them from the bus driver, but it will cost twice as much..

Regular bus services are available exclusively in big cities, for example, Podgorica. The state of the vehicle fleet can be called satisfactory. New cars and rather battered buses are also involved in the transportation. But on intercity routes, only new buses equipped with an air conditioning system go out..


In addition to exciting walks around the city, you can also take a ride by taxi. You will find parking lots near hotels, tourist attractions, large shopping centers and beaches. Taxis can be ordered by phone or taken on the street. The average price of a trip around the city is about 4 euros.

If you wish, you can take a taxi to another city. In this case, the price will depend on the distance, and equal 10 ... 50 euros.

In addition to official taxis, there are also private cabbies in the cities. Their fare is somewhat lower. But you should use their services only on the recommendation..


The railway communication within the country is not developed. If you decide to travel by train, there is only one route - Bar - Belgrade, capturing Podgorica, Bijelo Polje, Kolasin and Mojkovac.

Four trains leave daily, one of them at night. During the summer, the number of trains is increased. Despite the fact that there is only one route, trains of four categories go on the way: express; fast; high-speed; passenger. There are also first class and regular compartment cars..

Air transport

There are no domestic flights in the country. Airports accept exclusively international flights.


  • Trip to Montenegro
  • Trip to Montenegro
  • Trip to Montenegro