Holidays in Montenegro in April: prices and weather. Where to relax in Montenegro in April

Holidays in Montenegro in April

Holidays in Montenegro in April

This country seems to many tourists similar to Crimea in many respects. Nevertheless, Montenegro has its own rich history, traditions and customs, peculiarities of recreation, which attracts thousands of beach lovers here. The main flow of tourists rushes here in the summer months, but you can take advantage of many advantages and choose, for example, a vacation in Montenegro in April.

The second month of Montenegrin spring is ready to demonstrate the best aspects of the local blooming flora, and a rich excursion program will completely satisfy every curious tourist.

Weather in Montenegro in April

Weather conditions are improving almost before our eyes, warmth is coming every minute. Sometimes the days are so hot that tourists have to pull T-shirts and shorts out of their suitcases. This weather is favorable for sunbathing and the appearance of a beautiful bronze tan..

Sea baths, even on the hottest days, are still in the future. The sea does not warm up as quickly as the air. The sea temperature in the coastal zone is +16 ° C, only very seasoned people can get pleasure.

Easter festivities

This holiday, the date of which can be shifted according to the calendar, is considered one of the main ones in the country, along with Christmas. Undoubtedly, those tourists will be lucky if their vacation time in Montenegro coincides with the celebration of Easter. There is an opportunity to see old traditions that have survived to this day, taste Easter dishes, including eggs baked in rolls. And also take part in evening festivities in the folk style, see the famous huge round dance - kolo and even join it.

Skadar lake

In April in Montenegro, you can devote part of your vacation to visiting national parks. For more than thirty years, such a park has been operating in the territories near Lake Skadar, which is shared by Montenegrins and Albanians..

Since Montenegro occupies small areas, you can get to the lake from almost any corner, the road will not take much effort, and there will be many impressions from exploring this unique place..

The most vivid impressions are left by a trip to the lake itself. Taking advantage of the water excursion, you can see the reservoir in all its glory. Small islands scattered over the water area are very beautiful and picturesque. Many of them show old churches and active monasteries. At the request of tourists, you can disembark on any of the islands to get to know the local nature, architecture and history of the monastery..

Photos of rest in Montenegro

  • Holidays in Montenegro in April
  • Holidays in Montenegro in April