Ski resorts in Montenegro: photos, reviews. Alpine skiing in Montenegro

Ski resorts in Montenegro

Ski resorts in Montenegro

The mountains are even present in the name of this small European power, the rest in which has recently become increasingly popular among Russians and residents of other countries of the Old World. Montenegro, or Montenegro is popular with fans to spend their holidays profitably and inexpensively.
Until an overly developed network of hotels does not interfere with enjoying the beauties of nature, and not a particularly polished service is more than compensated by friendly and welcoming locals. Alpine skiing in the country is developing at an accelerated pace, and prices for equipment rental, ski passes and accommodation are forcing an increasing number of winter sports lovers to turn their eyes towards Montenegro.

Kolasin resort

This Montenegrin town is located in a valley between the Sinyaevina, Belasitsa and Klyuch mountains. Its height above sea level is just under a kilometer, and only 80 km away from the capital of the country, Podgorica, with its international airport Kolasin. For guests, hotels and restaurants are open here against the backdrop of a unique pristine nature, and excellent skiing is provided by 15 km of excellent quality ski slopes. The upper starting point is at an altitude of 1880 meters, and the drop is about 450 meters. The delivery of athletes upstairs is carried out by three drag lifts and one chair lift, which lift more than 3000 people per hour, and the little one willingly uses its own, children's.
The season on the tracks of Kolashin starts in November, comfortable skiing continues until the last days of spring. The thickness of the snow ranges from 1 to 3 meters, and in case of unforeseen weather changes, an artificial snowmaking system works. The slopes of Kolasin are stone-free and mostly grassy, ​​which makes skiing absolutely safe even for beginners and in the absence of deep snow cover. Here slopes are laid for very green boardwalkers and skiers, and for seasoned professionals. Two slopes are FIS certified for international competitions. The lighting in the evenings allows you to rush along the slope with the breeze in a romantic setting, and the snowboarding and skiing school helps Kolashin's guests not only learn to stay on the slopes, but also hone their skills.
For those who are used to spending time in full and in the evenings, the resort has the best SAVARDAK restaurant in this region of the country, in which everything is authentic - from architectural and interior solutions to excellent national cuisine..

Zabljak resort

The second famous Montenegrin ski region, Zabljak, is located at an altitude of almost one and a half kilometers above sea level. It is recognized as one of the highest in the entire Old World, and the season starts here in early December. A confident snow cover with a depth of at least 110 cm stays in this ski area until the end of March, while the air temperature does not drop below +2 - +5 degrees, making the rest very comfortable. There is a place in the region of Debeli Namet, located much higher than others. Skiing there is possible all year round.
The resort has a ski center «Durmitor», which is located at the foot of Savin Kuk - one of the highest local peaks. It is on the slopes of the mountain with a height of 2313 meters that the Zabljak routes are laid. Named after the mountain, the Savin Kuk trail is suitable for intermediate level athletes. It starts at an altitude of 2300 meters and continues as much as 3.5 km with an elevation difference of 750 meters. Snowboarders and skiers get to the top of the mountain on 6 lifts for adults, two of which are chairlifts.
The Stutz trail is less extended, but the landscapes flickering during the descent make it the most memorable. But Yavorovacha is intended for very green athletes, because its length is about 800 meters, it is flat and wide. Ski schools operate at the resort, and the snowboard club «Savin Cook» will help everyone to master the board. Center «Durmitor» offers equipment rental at very affordable prices. A ski kit including skis, poles and boots will cost 10 euros per day.
The average cost of ski passes per day at the Zabljak resort for the coming season does not exceed 8 euros, and you can stay for 10 euros by renting a room in a private house, or for 30 euros in a hotel with three stars on the facade. Ski equipment rental will cost 10 euros for an adult and 7 euros for a child. Such discounts are made by the resort administration to attract more guests and to develop the region..
For lovers of other types of outdoor activities, the resort offers many interesting entertainments, including trips to the Black Lake, excursions to mountain caves and walks in picturesque surroundings. You can stay in the region in inexpensive campgrounds, private accommodation or hotels..

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  • Ski resorts in Montenegro
  • Ski resorts in Montenegro
  • Ski resorts in Montenegro
  • Ski resorts in Montenegro