Capital of Morocco: map, photo. What is the capital of Morocco?

Rabat - the capital of Morocco

Rabat - the capital of Morocco

Rabat is a city with a long history that has left numerous architectural monuments in its memory. The capital of Morocco gets its name from the clay walls that surrounded it when it was founded. Literally from Arabic, Rabat translates as «fortified monastery». It is best to come here in spring, when the weather is dry and cool..

Mausoleum of Mohammed V

To admire the mausoleum, you need to go to the Hassan Tower. White marble was used as a building material, which was specially delivered from Italy for this purpose. The prototype of the tomb is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is how his son Hassan II decided to arrange the last refuge of his father. The white sarcophagus is located directly under the center of the dome, in a large room. Access here is open, and you can admire it by walking along the gallery around the hall. The ashes of the sons of Muhammad V are also kept here..

Hassan Tower

The symbol of the capital, known since the Middle Ages. Hassan Tower belongs to the three most beautiful Islamic minarets: pink stone and decorative bas-reliefs in the form of arches and trellises are still fascinating to the eye. The minaret belonged to the Hasan Mosque, which, unfortunately, has not survived to this day.

Old city

Medina, as it is customary to call the Old Town of any Moroccan settlement, is a huge market. The medina of the capital is located in the northern part of the city. A huge wall, standing here since the 12th century, captures it in a tight ring and here, inside it, life goes beyond time. Sales, purchases, production of goods - everything, as before, only the people inhabiting Medina change.

The labyrinths of narrow streets are so complex that it is not at all difficult to get lost here. But do not worry and be afraid, because the Medina of the capital is the quietest and safest place in the whole city..

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Rabat is a two-story yellow building with a tiled roof, built in accordance with the classics of Arab traditions. The entrance to the palace is represented by a huge arch with forged metal gates. The wall surrounding the building is painted with snow-white paint. The courtyard is filled with hibiscus aromas. The fountain is an indispensable attribute of the Arab house, it is considered sacred. Now Muhammad VI lives here - the current ruler of the country.

Shellach necropolis

Now the necropolis is a picturesque ruin overgrown with dense vegetation. The tops of the minarets «decorate» stork nests, and the pools are inhabited by common eels. But, despite such a neglected appearance (the government of the country did not consider it necessary to restore the Necropolis after the earthquake of 1755), even now among the ruins you can see the architecture of many different cultures.

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  • Rabat - the capital of Morocco
  • Rabat - the capital of Morocco
  • Rabat - the capital of Morocco