Holidays in Morocco in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Morocco in July

Holidays in Morocco in July

Holidays in Morocco in July

A fabulous country has found a cozy place on the African continent, on the one hand, hiding behind the Atlas Mountains, on the other, enjoying the magnificent landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea and the endless expanses of the Atlantic Ocean.

A vacation in Morocco in July will allow you to get to know these mysterious lands, the so-called Maghreb, to see how majestically the daylight named the Sun goes to rest. Midsummer generously endows tourists and locals with hot weather, so you should carefully prepare for your trip here, stocking up on all kinds of protective creams and sprays.

July weather conditions

Those who like temperatures below +40 ºC and the complete absence of heavenly moisture, they can safely choose Morocco for their holidays this month. Just remember that in the southern regions of the country at night the intense heat can be abruptly replaced by coolness, so warm things need to find a place in a suitcase. They are useful for night walks under the high starry Moroccan sky..

The most suitable weather for recreation is set in July in the west of Morocco. Midsummer passes without precipitation, with relatively high (but quite tolerable) heat. On average, tourists notice +25 on thermometers ºC at noon, by night the heat drops to a comfortable level of +21 ºC.

The main holiday of the country

The entire penultimate day of July is dedicated to solemn events in honor of the national holiday. Throne Day, celebrated annually on July 30, entered the Moroccan calendar in 1999, when the coronation ceremony of Muhammad VI took place.

The holiday is dedicated not only to the representative of the legal authority in the country, but in general is a symbol of the independence of Morocco, the unity of all its citizens. Therefore, almost everyone participates in lavish ceremonies and festive parades. You can hear and see the country in all its glory: people in national costumes, traditional music sounds on every corner.

The best resort in Morocco

Many tourists who have visited different places in the country unanimously award the palm among the resorts to the luxurious city of Agadir. The length of the local beach is 20 kilometers, so everyone can find a cozy corner and relax without disturbing a neighbor. The beaches are surrounded by eucalyptus and pine trees, where you can hide from the scorching heat at any time.

Active rest supporters will not be bored, exotic camel rides, sea fishing, pedal boats. There is entertainment for the elite - this is tennis and golf.

Holiday photos in Morocco

  • Holidays in Morocco in July
  • Holidays in Morocco in July