Holidays in Morocco in June: prices and weather. Where to relax in Morocco in June

Holidays in Morocco in June

Holidays in Morocco in June

Unlike Japan, which has the most gentle sunrise, Morocco has wonderful sunsets. That is why the local masters of the word call the country exquisitely poetically «the edge of golden sunsets». Each of the guests who come to rest in Morocco in June can see this unforgettable sight..

June weather conditions in Morocco

A gorgeous summer is coming, which is eagerly awaited by the locals, preparing for the high season and the influx of tourists. It is no longer possible to see the thermometer in the daytime below +20 ° C, and at night +17 ° C. Average temperatures for Rabat and Tangier +25 ° C, Agadir and Casablanca +23 ° C. It's on the Atlantic coast where you can feel the cool breath of the ocean.

In the depths of the Moroccan territories with a continental climate, it is real summer. By the end of June, temperatures reach + 30 ° C, local residents offer prayers to the Almighty for rain.

Cherry Festival

The flower festival is being replaced by a similar holiday, the main character of which is the Moroccan cherry and its delicious berries. The Cherry Festival takes place in the squares and streets of the ancient city of Sefrou, songs, dances, fairs are everywhere.

The highlight (cherry) of the festival is the choice of the Cherry Queen, the most beautiful local women are competing for the title. And tourists are happy to admire the noisy holiday, enjoying cherry aromas and stocking up on delicious products.

Sacred Music Holidays

Those wishing to immerse themselves in real Moroccan art go to Fez, the African capital of Islamic culture. It is here that festival events are held, the purpose of which is the presentation and popularization of ancient sacred music, and not only of the black continent, but also of close neighbors and distant guests..

Marrakech sings and dances

The residents of the former capital of this African state organize their own song festival and, in addition to it, dances. In June, a folklore festival is held in Marrakech, which has the status of a national.

Musicians from all over the Maghreb gather in the ancient city to show their skills to colleagues, learn from experience or teach themselves. But the main songs are played for the guests, many of whom specially calculate the days of rest in Morocco in such a way as to get to the celebration of folk music.

The musical marathon of national art lasts ten days, these days, filled with music and songs, remain in the memory of numerous visitors.

Holiday photos in Morocco

  • Holidays in Morocco in June
  • Holidays in Morocco in June